Michael Ensser

Hamburg, Berlin

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Michael Ensser Egon Zehnder, Hamburg, Berlin


Michael Ensser, based in Hamburg and Berlin, is Managing Partner of Egon Zehnder in Germany and deeply experienced in the fields of executive search and appraisal. Michael serves major corporations as well as medium-sized enterprises in Germany and abroad. His focus includes the energy sector, technology, and telecommunications.


Prior to joining Egon Zehnder, Michael was Chief of Staff at the Federal Trust Agency (Treuhand) in Berlin. Following the fall of the Berlin Wall, he was involved in numerous privatization and turnaround projects in key East German industries, while serving as Assistant to the Executive Board and subsequently Group Manager Controlling at Federal Trust Agency. Earlier in his career, Michael trained in the media sector and served as Editor, NewsGroup, in Munich.

Michael earned an MA in Political Science and Law from the University of Munich and a PhD in Political Science and Law from the University of Konstanz.

News and Publications

Handelsblatt – Michael Ensser: “Leadership is a major strategic topic.”

Digitalization, automation, robotization, artificial intelligence – our society is in the midst of a fundamental transformation. It impacts on companies and of course on executive search firms as well, says Michael Ensser, Managing Partner of Egon Zehnder Germany, in an interview with German business daily Handelsblatt.

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In the current business environment, supervisory boards are responding to significantly higher expectations by professionalizing their operations. What are some of the steps boards can take in the quest for higher performance?

VBKI Spiegel - VBKI – Leadership: Creating a Culture of Ownership and Diversity

In today’s complex and uncertain world companies need creative thinkers who can implement out-of-the box solutions, notes Michael Ensser, a consultant at Egon Zehnder, in an interview with VBKI-Spiegel. “Leadership in the 21st century certainly means fostering a culture of ownership and diversity […].

Handelsblatt - A Call for More Career Crossovers

“Individuals willing to crossover careers can help to bridge the growing gap between politics and business”, writes Michael Ensser, Managing Director at Egon Zehnder Germany in Handelsblatt.

consultant name

Michael Ensser Egon Zehnder, Hamburg, Berlin