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Michael M. Meier Egon Zehnder, Düsseldorf


Michael Meier, based in Düsseldorf, leads Egon Zehnder’s global Chief Marketing Officers Practice. He advises multi-national, private equity-backed and family-owned companies across a range of industries spanning consumer, retail, industrial, services, and hospitality. Michael has deep experience in CEO and CMO succession, frequently leads non-executive director searches, and is a trusted advisor to boards and executive committees in senior leadership development as well on merger integration.


Prior to joining Egon Zehnder, Michael gained extensive experience in brand management, sales, and strategic marketing. He was Vice President Brand Management for Hilti Corporation, Head of Marketing at Bertelsmann, and a project leader with BBDO.

Michael is the author of the German language book “Die Erfolgsgeheimnisse des Marketingmanagers – Die ungeschriebenen Gesetze auf dem Weg zum CMO” (“Secrets of Success for the Marketing Manager – the Unwritten Rules for Becoming a CMO”). He frequently publishes articles and is interviewed for his perspectives on marketing and commercial leadership, appearing in The Harvard Business Manager as well as in magazines such as Absatzwirtschaft and Horizont.

Michael earned a PhD and an MA from University of Munich and an MBA from the Open University Business School in the UK. He also attended universities in Scotland and France.

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Fluid Boundaries, New Challenges

Legacy organizations must respond – or risk their survival. While each organization will transform itself in a different way, each transformation is certain to have digital at its core, because digital is driving the changes in consumer expectations, markets and products.

Comfort with Paradox

Most CEOs and boards name succession, both for the CEO and for business unit leaders, as their biggest strategic challenge. While this leadership challenge exists for every industry, it is particularly acute in the consumer sector, where many of the successive waves of disruption first hit.

Leaders of the Future: Navigating Disruption in Consumer Goods and Retail

Egon Zehnder was privileged to be part of the 60th annual Consumer Goods Forum global summit on 15-17 June 2016. Held in Cape Town, South Africa, the summit provided a window onto the energy and opportunity of Africa— the world’s youngest continent and one of the fastest-growing consumer markets.

W&V online – How CEOs Master Social Media

How CEOs Master Social Media Social media like Twitter and Facebook have reshaped the communications landscape by offering CEOs a direct link to consumers and stakeholders.

From Brand Custodian to General Manager – The New Role of the CMO

In the age of digital media where the power of brands of all sizes has been democratized, customer focus has become a strategic imperative for every company.

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Architect of Consumer Centricity

Markets are merging; smart, self-confident consumers are networking with one another and sharing their views online. Instead of concentrating on the product, companies looking to exploit these developments need to build their business strategy around what the consumer wants.

CMO Redefined - Image

CMO Redefined

“Cladogenesis” is a term used by evolutionary scientists to describe the relatively sudden division of an existing species into two or more separate lines – thus creating new species – often in response to radical change in the environment.

Chief Marketing Officers Practice Profile

Egon Zehnder stays closely attuned to the cutting edge of marketing leadership, and in constant contact with great marketing leaders worldwide.

consultant name

Michael M. Meier Egon Zehnder, Düsseldorf