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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Maeil Business Newspaper – [Cover Story] "Women, Actively Ask the Company for What You Want."

Egon Zehnder Hosts Annual Leaders & Daughters Event in Seoul

  • November 2019

This year, Leaders & Daughters held events in 30 cities including Seoul, Boston, Amsterdam, Johannesburg, Mumbai and Sao Paulo. The latest event in Seoul was co-sponsored by Egon Zehnder's Seoul office and Seoul Foreign School. Former Tiffany Asia General Manager and current President of Club G, Kim Michelle, former Reuters Global Strategy Officer Yoon Dong-hwa, Kim Dong-hwa Director of Netflix Business Development and Han Su-kyung, Naver Line Business Development Manager were on the panel to talk about ways to get more women in leadership positions.

The common experience among panelists was gender discrimination in the workplace. Women expressed feeling like they were excluded from an invisible male network, where men shared important information. World-renowned women leaders, including Sheryl Sandberg, Mary Barra and Susan Wojcicki still exist, but few women have climbed to the top of the ladder. An example the panelists pointed to in the fight for equal treatment at the top was the push for women's restrooms and accommodations in the US House of Representatives, saying, "If someone had asked for a women's restroom sooner, the women's restroom could have appeared sooner." In order for change to take place, it is imperative that women advocate for themselves and for each other and aks for what they want.



Full story in Korean:Yoon Sun-young: [Cover Story] "여성들이여, 회사에 원하는 적극적으로 요구하세요" in Maeil Business Newspaper (31 October 2019)

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