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BBC Radio 4 – Focus on Developing Female High Potentials

  • March 2016

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BBC Radio 4 – Focus on Developing Female High Potentials

Despite campaigns to boost the number of women on boards, around 90 percent of UK FTSE executives are still men, reports BBC Radio 4’s “Today” programme. “I think our attention has been attracted much more to board level than it has been to executive level and we are still seeing quite a lot of women exiting the workplace at a fairly early age.” notes Egon Zehnder consultant Miranda Pode. “That means that as you get into the middle levels of management there are fewer and fewer women”, she adds. Pode urges organizations to fill their female leadership talent pipelines by focusing more on identifying and develop women with potential.

Full story: Miranda Pode is interviewd by BBC Radio 4’s “Today” daily news programme (8 March 2016).

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