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Financial Times – Banks Embracing Digital Change Need Transformational Talent

After decades in a “walled garden”, digital technology and empowered customers are now driving change in banking, reports the Financial Times. According to Egon Zehnder’s Making the future now – How Financial Services Firms Can Adapt to a Customer-Centric World report published on 25 June: “Financial services companies now are in the crosshairs of transformation.” To master the transition, these firms may need to create posts like “head of user experience” and “head of analytics” and attract individuals with new competencies and a different approach to fill them. Egon Zehnder consultant Axelle Sznajer warns that: “People at the top have to embrace these changes and structure it into a broader conversation about talent.” Her timely reminder to the financial services: “Every company is ultimately a tech company, a data company.”

Full story: Stefan Stern: Banks become wise to the age of data in the Financial Times (25 June 2015).

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