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FinancialDirector – Mergers: a Career-Learning Opportunity for CFOs

  • October 2015

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FinancialDirector – Mergers: a Career-Learning Opportunity for CFOs

When two companies merge, the choice of CFO can hinge on politics, luck and timing, reports FinancialDirector. But regardless who comes out on top, mergers can have a silver lining for all of the executives involved if they adopt an upbeat approach, argues Egon Zehnder consultant Çağla Bekbolet “If handled the right way, you get to learn about different businesses and management styles – the event itself [merger] is a fantastic career-learning opportunity. But you have to go into it with that mindset – regardless of the outcome, you’re going to take what it gives and do your best,” notes Bekbolet.

Full story: Kevin Reed: Gunning for your job: Securing the CFO role in a merger in FinancialDirector (19 October 2015).

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