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Harvard Business Review – Purpose-Driven Travel and the Power of Personal Experience

Why do we travel? In the age of teleconferences, Facebook, and Skype, can’t executives cut out travel altogether, asks Egon Zehnder senior adviser Claudio Fernández-Aráoz in a blog for the Harvard Business Review? His answer is a clear “No”. Physically seeing and experiencing different cultures affords key learning opportunities and insights, argues Fernández-Aráoz. Face-to-face meetings can also heavily influence personal development and promote relationship-building. In short, technology can help to cement social ties, but it cannot replace a person-to-person experience, warns Fernández-Aráoz. “The trick is to travel with purpose and planning,” he explains. In his view, “Traveling can be an invaluable experience if you focus on relationship-building, proactively and decisively pursue the best opportunities, plan with discipline, and enjoy the ride.”

Full story: Claudio Fernández-Aráoz Purpose Matters for Business Travel, Too in the Harvard Business Review (11 November 2015).

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