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PharmaExec blog – Talent: the key to success in consumer health

Firms from both the pharma and consumer industries are competing hard to corner the promising consumer health market. What is the key to success in selling health and wellness sustaining-brands? A willingness to seriously invest in talent, says Michael Winter, a consultant at Egon Zehnder Dusseldorf, in a PharmaExec blog post. In his experience, top consumer health leaders tend to display four exceptional competency spikes: the ability to inspire a culture of equality, resilience, strategic insight and expertise in managing a wide range of interest groups. Finding leaders that match this profile may not be easy, warns Winter, who urges consumer health businesses to look beyond their own sector to find outstanding talent.

Full story: Michael Winter: Does Pharma Have the skills for consumer health a posting on the PharmaExec blog (6 June 2014).

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