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Beauty Marketer Make-Over

The fixed category lines that once defined the beauty executive are now more fluid than ever. Beauty is now a melting pot of talent, with professionals coming from other sectors and offering fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to the industry. This new era highlights endless possibilities for creativity and growth.

Agribusiness Leaders: Seeking Excellence in Times of Change

Agribusiness is in a positive moment of great transformations. Who will be the leaders capable of driving success and seizing new opportunities amidst so much change?

In Start-up Talent, Cycle Timing is Key

Hiring in the start-up world is no longer a linear path, and leaders will need to stay ahead of their future needs when it comes to talent. It’s about timing, and here is how they can get their strategy right.

Leading the Future of Mobility: The Human Challenges Ahead

Culture, Purpose and Process all arise as key considerations for talent as the industry sees new disrupting trends

Reprogramming Fintech Talent in Turkey

To remain competitive in the fintech industry, companies will need to adapt their talent strategy as the environment and conditions around them change.

Guts & Data: The Talent Retail Needs to Serve the Post-Pandemic Consumer

Post-pandemic Retail is emerging to be a noisy place, and product relevancy has never been more critical, or more difficult, to achieve. Is your team equipped to manage the upheaval?

Leadership of Post-COVID Supply Chains in the Consumer Industry

Even before COVID-19 ravaged the world, consumer goods supply chains were in the midst of transformation, wrestling with the need to show resilience and agility as digitization progressed. We spoke with many global supply chain leaders during the crisis. What we learned is that while the speed of change has increased (with, for example, investments in innovation and localisation), priorities seem to not have massively shifted. What COVID-19 has underscored, however, is the even greater need for supply chain leaders to adapt their organizational culture, their leadership style and how they hire and develop supply chain talent.

The Future of Entertainment: Rise of the Connected Leader

Entertainment leaders must have four priorities right now and in the future in order to succeed: Double down on digital, get closer to the consumer, think globally and prioritize people leadership.

CPG’s Talent Lens is Expanding—Outside of the Industry

CPG companies may need to recruit from outside of the industry to capitalize on recent changes in consumer purchase behaviors, to optimize customer experience, and to upgrade data and analytics capabilities.

How Alibaba’s Tmall is Changing eCommerce in China

Insights for western brands looking for global eCommerce growth in a post-COVID world from Chris Tung, Chief Marketing Officer of Alibaba.

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