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How Alibaba’s Tmall is Changing eCommerce in China

Insights for western brands looking for global eCommerce growth in a post-COVID world from Chris Tung, Chief Marketing Officer of Alibaba.

Global Luxury Goods CEOs Glimpse a Silver Lining in the Coronavirus Crisis

Highlights from a digital gathering of CEOs from the global lifestyle and luxury goods’ sector, hosted by Egon Zehnder.

CPG: Big Is Back

It’s easy to forget, but not too long ago, large fast moving consumer goods companies such as Procter & Gamble, Mars, Nestle and Unilever were considered the blue chip training grounds for the world’s future leaders. From the 1980s through the early part of this decade, these companies were among the most sought after employers on campus, as students dreamed of joining these large-scale organizations that built billion dollar brands, garnered celebrity endorsements, and invested in developing their talent.

Creating Opportunities While Weathering a Crisis

Egon Zehnder gathered Chinese executives and US public board members on May 14th to exchange their experiences and share their outlook for the future.

Italian Consumer CEOs Employ Empathy and Flexibility Amid COVID-19

Highlights from digital gatherings with Italian consumer CEOs, hosted by Egon Zehnder.

Middle East CEOs Balance Present Action with Future Thoughts Amid COVID-19

Highlights from recent digital gatherings with CEOs from various industry sectors in the Middle East, hosted by Egon Zehnder’s Dubai office.

Move Over, Customer Experience

We’re in a new era. Our leaders must think beyond customer experience and focus on total Human Experience, which takes into account both employees and consumers.

In Conversation with Ümran Beba, Chief Global Diversity and Engagement Officer of PepsiCo

Pepsico's Chief Global Diversity and Engagement Officer shares her perspective on how work dynamics are changing in this pandemic environment.

Chain Reaction 2020: Leadership Perspectives from the World's Top Supply Chain Executives

We surveyed 235 Chief Supply Chain Officers across 23 countries to see what it takes to succeed.

How CEOs are Navigating COVID-19 in the Present and Planning for the Future

CEOs from consumer companies discuss what strategies have been effective, lessons they have learned along the way, and what the business landscape might look like post-pandemic.

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