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Boards Directors Are Going Digital. Why You Should Too.

The ‘digital board’ has become a prerequisite for securing long-term success, effectively managing talent, and mitigating risks within the company.

Cybersecurity: What Boards Need to Know

One of the sessions of Egon Zehnder’s Directors Development Program addressed the multifaceted challenges of cybersecurity in a world that is becoming more technology driven and more connected.

Cybersecurity and the Role of the Board

Banks urged to assess cybercrime risks

What Did You Say? Boards Tackle Corporate Jargon

Governments around the world have introduced laws that require plain language in public communications. Directors in the corporate world could benefit from similar efforts, consultant William Houston discusses.

Your CDO Does More Than Just Protect Data

Discover how Chief Data Officers (CDOs) have evolved into strategic visionaries, propelling organizations to success through data-driven decisions.

CISO to Board Member: Enhancing your readiness to serve

Drawing from experience working with boards and cybersecurity executives, explore insights to enhance your readiness to land your first board seat.

Hacking Leadership in the Tech Industry

The tech industry is under the regulatory spotlight in the United States. Can leaders strike the right balance between compliance and growth as challenges intensify?

Twitter Hack Underscores Need for CISOs with People Skills

The recent Twitter hack shows that companies must continue to bolster the most critical part of their security infrastructure—their workforce. While cybersecurity professionals have been sounding the alarm about the threat of social engineering for a while, most cybersecurity programs focus on the technical aspects of the job—securing a company's systems and products.

The Effect of a Breach on a CISO’s Value

Will Houston joins Steve Durbin, managing director of the Information Security Forum, for an episode of the ISF Podcast focusing on “The Effect of a Breach on a CISO’s Value.” They discuss the skills shortage, the effect of a breach on a CISO’s value and employability, and more.

Your Cyber Security Team: More Than Just the CISO

How the C-suite and Board can partner with the CISO to create stronger, more resilient organizations.

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