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Boards Directors Are Going Digital. Why You Should Too.

The ‘digital board’ has become a prerequisite for securing long-term success, effectively managing talent, and mitigating risks within the company.

Navigating the Digital Transformation: The Role of IT

Despite the common perception of IT as a predominantly technical function, the question arises: Can it play a crucial, strategic role in driving this transformative process?

Seventy-three percent of business leaders are ill-equipped for AI transformation, citing limited time, people, and funds, new report from Egon Zehnder and Kearney reveals

Global Leadership Advisory Egon Zehnder, in partnership with Kearney, today releases a report titled ‘Leadership in the Age of AI’ exploring how business leaders foresee the impact of AI on organizations and jobs, and how prepared they feel for this change.

The Rise of the India Stack: Addressing India’s Digital Public Infrastructure Revolution

Egon Zehnder’s Directors Development program hosted an insightful session with Dr Pramod Varma, former Chief Architect of Aadhaar, India’s digital identity program and former Chief Architect of India Stack, to learn more about the current state of the India Stack, as well as where it is headed.

Keeping Pace with the Fast-moving Fiber Race: Lessons from Germany

Germany’s competitive fiber market is entering a new phase of consolidation—and executives may find the strategies that served them well until now do not guarantee their future survival.

Trailblazing Leaders and Visionaries: Showcasing the Evolution of Leadership

Egon Zehnder's Natascha van Boetzelaer discusses digital talent on the Business Leader podcast.

Pursuing Authenticity: A Q&A with Michele Catasta, VP of AI at Replit

Discover how Michele Catasta's unwavering passion in AI led him on a remarkable career path, filled with growth, challenges, and success.

Can AI Lead to a More Equitable World?

Radhika Krishnan and Asha Keddy highlights the need for awareness of biases and accessibility to bridge gaps in AI development and promotes inclusivity.

Building the Future for Digital Health: A Talent Perspective

Spotting talent in a field where leaders are being built in real-time is a major challenge. Egon Zehnder’s Potential Model to approach it.

Decoding Digital Subscription Success

The rise of digital subscription businesses has revolutionized the way we consume products and services. From entertainment to health and wellness, people want tailored experiences that can be delivered right to their phones or inboxes.

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