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Guts & Data: The Talent Retail Needs to Serve the Post-Pandemic Consumer

Post-pandemic Retail is emerging to be a noisy place, and product relevancy has never been more critical, or more difficult, to achieve. Is your team equipped to manage the upheaval?

In Conversation with Elizabeth Ames, CEO of Women In Product

Women are still deeply under-represented in Product leadership. We sat down with Women In Product’s CEO, Elizabeth Ames, to discuss the issues facing women in this market and how businesses can acquire top talent.

Recruiting A New Class of Exceptional Managers

Even as economies are battered by COVID-19, telecommunications are booming, offering a critical lifeline for an anxious world on lockdown.

The Future of Entertainment: Rise of the Connected Leader

Entertainment leaders must have four priorities right now and in the future in order to succeed: Double down on digital, get closer to the consumer, think globally and prioritize people leadership.

Charting the Future of Mobility and Automation

Leading a mobility revolution requires leaders who can balance the vision of what is possible and what their customers, employees, and stakeholders desire. Hear from Sense Photonics CEO Shauna McIntyre on how she blends a future vision with today’s mobility needs.

Across the Semiconductor Value Chain: Navigating the U.S. China Tech Rivalry

With the Trump administration’s escalating restrictions on several major Chinese technology companies, and little sign that there will be a reset after the upcoming U.S. election, semiconductor companies in China, both domestic and multi-national, are caught in the center of a geopolitical storm.

COVID-19 Gives Us the License to Fully Embrace a Digital Culture

Accelerated digitalization is one of the main results from the global pandemic. But at the same time, tech leaders are learning how to show their human side.

Virus Sparks Digital Push In Asia

Even when the COVID-19 outbreak is contained, it is unlikely things will return to pre-virus normal. Financial Services is one industry that may well be forever changed by the pandemic. Already, institutions in Asia are starting to see an acceleration of digital transformation.

Data in Difficult Times

The role of Chief Data and Analytics Officers has expanded dramatically in recent months. Learn more about what they think has changed.

Keep Your Innovation Muscle Pumping in a Crisis

How COVID-19 should – and shouldn’t – impact the innovation agenda.

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