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ICTjournal - The Chief Digital Officer Role is More Complicated than Expected

Egon Zehnder's recent study finds that the role of the Chief Digital Officer is different from initial expectations.

Zaki Fasihuddin Discusses Being a Chief Digital Officer for a Global Corporation

Zaki Fasihuddin, CEO of Volvo Cars Ventures and former digital executive at McDonald's, discusses what it really means to transform global corporations for the digital world.

CNNMoney Switzerland - Be nice to the Chief Digital Officer: they could be your next CEO

The Chief Digital Officer (CDO) is a much-misunderstood role. Egon Zehnder’s Christian Wohlgensinger, who manages Technology Practice in Switzerland, provided more clarity about CDOs’ work during an interview with CNN Money.

It's social

Strategy consultant and author Peter Schein, co-author of “Humble Leadership” which he wrote together with his father Ed Schein, on psychological safety, matrix leadership, and how human-digital interaction could work in the future.

Tech “Tonic” – Evaluating The Health Of Your Company’s CTO Function

While companies expect their CTOs to have a PhD, they often make the mistake of trying to develop a scientist into a business person. Learn what talent models may work best for this role.

The Age of Insurtech

Insurance Technology, or “Insurtech,” is reshaping the conservative insurance industry. With rapid growth and increasing investments, innovation in this sector IS changing how the insurance industry operates.

What Is The Mission Of The Chief Digital Officer?

What is a Chief Digital Officer? In Forbes, Lindsay Trout talks about our CDO Decoded research and how this new member of the C-Suite leads digital transformation.

Karim Jalbout at CogX 2019: Leading Through Change

Karim Jalbout discussed “Leading Through Change” with two upcoming tech leaders at CogX 2019. – New Survey of First Generation of CDOs Show They Have Aspirations for the Corner Office

Egon Zehnder’s new survey of Chief Digital Officers paints an ambitious future for the first generation of emerging creative leaders. The study taps into the mindset of 107 digital executives in global industries, providing key insights into the roles they aspire to take on. Most notably, the role of CEO.

Becker’s Hospital Review – CDOs Spend More Time Evangelizing Than Digitizing, Study Shows

Though the focal point of responsibility of current Chief Digital Officers resides in driving digital monetization, many admit they spend equally as much time strategizing digital solutions rather than implementing them.

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