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Security Roundtable — Making Boardroom Changes Today to Ensure a Cyber-Secure Tomorrow

Cyber risk experts Kal Bittianda, Selena Loh LaCroix, and William Houston explain why changes to improve security are necessary at the board level.

Defining the Modern Marketer: The Hourglass Imperative

Defining and then finding the modern marketer is a task we face every day. Consider the hourglass. It is an iconic joining of equals that, when combined, shows us how energy flows easily and perfectly between them. This visual also represents the modern marketer: a master of two equal energies, with the wisdom to know how to balance the flow in marketing resources and focus.

Security Roundtable — Millennials: An Urban Legend In Cybersecurity

It’s tempting to over-generalize when it comes to Millennials, especially with cybersecurity concerns. But Egon Zehnder's Global Head of Cybersecurity says these Millennials, or "Digital Natives" have a different perspective on things like SSNs posted online because they’re already out there.

The Amazon Effect

Egon Zehnder hosted an intimate roundtable discussion on the impact of Amazon’s second headquarters, with a focus on the DC, Maryland, and Virginia region (DMV). The event brought together fourteen regional business leaders and several members of Egon Zehnder’s digital practice for a thought-provoking discussion on the potential opportunities and threats Amazon HQ2 presents to the region.

Escaping "Pilot Purgatory"

Many chemical enterprises have implemented pilot programs as a way of taking the first steps toward digital transformation. But the conversations we have with boards and CEOs, combined with our own observations in the field, suggest that pilot programs rarely lead to transformation in the chemical industry.

The Talent Innovation Formula for Transformational Marketing

What is the right balance between traditionalists and change makers? In our experience, we’ve found the formula used by innovation leaders can also create a marketing talent blueprint. By adopting this innovation framework, companies can better ensure the placement of the right talent to drive transformational change.

Leading in the Digital Age

How to create innovation and growth in the global procurement and supply chain industry

Egon Zehnder Cybersecurity Roundtable

In December 2017 Egon Zehnder held a Cybersecurity Roundtable Discussion in Hong Kong, moderated by Richard Lin and Matthew Edwards, consultants in our Technology Officers and Fintech practices.

AI & Drone Delivery? | Egon Zehnder's Karim Jalbout at CogX 2018

Drone deliveries? Not happening any time soon according to Royal Mail CEO Moya Greene, drone deliveries are not happening any time soon. Hear more from her conversation with Egon Zehnder’s Karim Jalbout at CognitionX

How AI Is Transforming Delivery | Egon Zehnder's Karim Jalbout at CogX 2018

Can AI really transform a business or is it all just hot air? Hear from Royal Mail CEO Moya Greene in her conversation with Egon Zehnder’s Karim Jalbout at CogX 2018.

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