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Personalized Nutrition: Preparing for Agrifood’s Coming Transformation

Personalized nutrition will fundamentally reshape the agrifood industry. How do organizations need to prepare – and develop – their leaders for success?

Handelszeitung - More and More Diversity Projects

Simone Stebler discusses diversity, HR-Tech and why bosses need to be more approachable.

Chief Executive – How To Build And Maintain Trust In The Age Of Volatility

How leaders need to model behaviors to build and maintain trust within organizations.

Discussion Highlights from Egon Zehnder’ s Eighth Annual Energy CEO and Board Breakfast

While the energy industry grapples with new digital realities, executives and boards are being forced to answer a fundamental question: How do you prioritize assets and people in times of transformation?

Egon Zehnder's Cynthia Soledad at SXSW

Over tens of thousands of assessments, Egon Zehnder has codified a proprietary model around Executive Potential. We believe there are four traits that translate to a leader’s future ability.

Lack of Digital Leaders a Key 2019 Risk for Miners

The mining and metals industry has expanded its use of automated and digital technology, but now it faces a shortage of digital executives who can effectively manage these tools.

Transformation At The Kellogg Marketing Leadership Summit

In her latest Forbes CMO Summit article, Kristi Maynor shares stories of personal transformation, business transformation and the cultural shift towards rewarding risk discussed at the 2018 Kellogg Marketing Leadership Summit.

Our Culture is Our Secret Sauce

Egon Zehnder’s Benito Cachinero in conversation with Workday SVP, People and Performance Evangelist Greg Pryor on how culture is the key to delivering for employees and clients alike.

7 Key Takeaways from Founders Forum Dusseldorf

Egon Zehnder partner Karim Jalbout shares the biggest highlights from the twelfth annual Founders Forum.

Interview with Chief Marketing Officer, GoFundMe

Egon Zehnder's Kristi Maynor spoke with GoFundMe's CMO Raquel Rozas at the 2018 Kellogg Marketing Leadership Summit.

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