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Leveraging the Collaboration of AI Enabled Assistants and Humans

Leaders assume a pivotal role in leveraging AI to unlock innovation and efficiency.

Young Leaders Are Shaping the Future of Organizations

Luciana Antonini, Talita Lacerda, and Natalia Paiva explores the impact of young leaders on organizations and society and how they will shape the future.

Can AI Lead to a More Equitable World?

Radhika Krishnan and Asha Keddy highlights the need for awareness of biases and accessibility to bridge gaps in AI development and promotes inclusivity.

To Unlock AI Success, Invest in Culture

Placing organizational culture at the core of your business strategy can help you unlock the full potential of AI technologies and Success.

AI Won’t Replace Human Distinctiveness

The fear of AI making us obsolete has become increasingly popularized, but is it really necessary? But the truth is, AI is here to enable efficiencies and aid us, not replace us.

CEO Succession in Future Mobility and DeepTech: The Candidate You Want Is Not the One You Need

DeepTech companies don't need to hit a wall in their CEO succession process. Here's what they should avoid and what to consider in a successful search.

Marketers: Dare to Dream and Disrupt Yourself

As the keynote of the 2021 Kellogg Marketing Summit, CMO of NotCo Fernando Machado shared ten key lessons that any marketer can learn from. His hallmark ability to disrupt whatever industry is borne of a thirst to disrupt himself along the way.

Betting Big on Web3

A conversation with Animoca Brands' Co-Founder and Chair Yat Siu on Web3's promise of revolutionizing consumer and workforce experiences based on digital ownership.

Changing Leadership with the Internet of Behaviors

The world is becoming one big data problem, and the IoB is the key technological synapse to unscramble it.

Leading the Future of Mobility: The Human Challenges Ahead

Culture, Purpose and Process all arise as key considerations for talent as the industry sees new disrupting trends

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