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Content related to Diversity & Inclusion

Blazing a Trail: Women in Leadership

From being featured for the sixth consecutive year in Forbes’s ‘The World’s 100 Most Powerful Women’ list in 2022, to Chairing the Board of HCL Technologies Ltd., producing an Animal Planet Wildlife series and more, Roshni Nadar Malhotra has consistently leveraged her leadership influence to drive meaningful impact.

Does Coming Out at Work Still Matter?

As younger generations embrace diversity without hesitation, it might be tempting to assume that the act of coming out as LGBTQ+ is becoming less significant.

Leaders Face a Potential Second Pandemic - in Mental Health

The world is facing a second pandemic, this time in mental health. This can be seen in company leaders who haven't reflected on the past few years.

The Board Interview, Explained

Delving into the unique nuances that come with interviewing for a board position and how it differs from the process of interviewing for an executive role.

Embracing difference – physical disability; ‘the last taboo’?

Physical disability is often overlooked when it comes to diversity discussions, and most boards are still at early stages of maturity on the topic. We gathered some of the UK's top board chairs for an open conversation on the topic.

Blazing a Trail: Women in Leadership

From being a Director of the Forbes Marshall group of companies and the head of Forbes Marshall Foundation, Rati is a sought-after business leader and philanthropist.

Are You Building a Cabinet or Building a Board?

President Lincoln appointed three of his rivals to his cabinet. To outsiders, this seemed like a dangerous move, and that’s a profile in courageous leadership. Does this present a functional framework for building Boards – or not?

Embracing Identity: Insights from LGBTQ+ CMOs

At 2022’s Kellogg Marketing Leadership Summit, three renowned marketing leaders gathered for a panel. They explored how embracing their LGBTQ+ identities shaped their careers at a time when the business world was slowly progressing on DE&I issues.

Breaking the Boardroom Glass Ceiling

At the board level there have been steady improvements in DE&I, 1 in 3 new hires being women and 27 percent of board seats being held by female directors globally, as found by our Global Board Diversity Tracker 2022-2023. Read about these three lessons to break barriers and advance female leadership in the boardroom.

Embracing difference ... disability

A supportive work environment can be as critical for a successful recovery as other traditional rehabilitation strategies. Paul Havranek looks back at a pivotal moment of his life and reflects on how companies can provide a safe space for talent to flourish and recover.

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