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Content related to Diversity & Inclusion

D&I: The Missing Link to Sustainability

Why diversity and inclusion hold the key to true sustainability.

Maeil Business Newspaper – [Cover Story] "Women, Actively Ask the Company for What You Want."

Global executive consulting firm Egon Zender is holding Leaders & Daughters events to discuss the lack of women in leadership positions. The event series, which began in 2015 (Korea 2017), is a place where leaders (parents) and daughters come together, as their name suggests.

The Korea Herald – Female Leaders Gather to Inspire Daughters to Take Charge

The event was co-hosted by and held at Seoul Foreign School this year as an opportunity for students and their parents to communicate with business trailblazers, who candidly shared advice and anecdotes on career paths and leadership values.

An Ego Represents a Risk

In an exclusive interview with the Swiss Handelszeitung, Egon Zehnder Chairwoman Jill Ader explains why the ability to self-reflection is one of the most important attributes of a successful leader.

Fortune – Social Purpose Is Imperative for Competitive Hiring Today, Executives Say

Corporate leaders say that to fare well and draw top workers in today’s competitive, Millennial-skewed labor market, there’s a new business imperative: social purpose.

Bloomberg – Educating Leaders on Diversity Is First Step: Equality Summit

As India competes with global financial capitals such as Hong Kong for foreign investment, business and talent, it can no longer afford to ignore the case for diversity.

Why the Riskiest Hires Might Be the Ones You Don’t Make

Diverse teams are more successful—but building them takes guts.

Reinforcing the Need for Diversity in Latin America's Boardrooms

Based on the progress and dynamics at play in five Latin American countries, we developed some actions to take to speed up progress.

The Philadelphia Inquirer – Philly-based Diversified Search Increases Revenues by the Millions, and Plans to Keep Expanding

As the country’s unemployment rate approaches record lows at about 3.8% and Americans place an ever greater value on their job security, corporations are finding it more challenging to fill their executive vacancies with a qualified, diverse set of individuals willing to switch jobs. And yet the difficulties associated with matching competent candidates with high-level corporate positions are a chronic test spanning decades.

Süddeutsche Zeitung – A Gentle Revolution: An Interview with Jill Ader

Jill Ader is the first woman at the helm of Egon Zehnder. For her to reach that position, it meant breaking a long-established in-house rule.

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