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Content related to Diversity & Inclusion

Egon Zehnder’s Latest Global Board Diversity Tracker Shows Heightened Need for Inclusivity on Corporate Boards as They Diversify

Egon Zehnder released its 2022-2023 Global Board Diversity Tracker, revealing corporate boards have made some progress on diversity, but inclusivity needs improvement.

Breaking New Ground as a Latina Leader

Esther Aguilera has a clear purpose: to help Latino leaders rise to the top. She reflects on how her upbringing, early education, and public policy career shaped her outlook on leadership.

The Power of Being Out

The more we come out, the more change we can affect.

From "Good" to "Best"

Wabtec Corporation President & CEO Rafael Santana shares his journey as a Latino leader and the value of putting teams and customers first.

More Diversity? Attitude Is Not Enough!

Diversity and inclusion are among the major business challenges of our time. For many years, politicians, business leaders and the public have been discussing how to ensure that, for example, women have the same career opportunities as men.

Humanity In; Bias Out

As the use of artificial intelligences expands in everything from hiring to health care, a pivotal question has emerged: How do we ensure these advanced algorithms generate unbiased, equitable results and decisions?

“Don’t Hide Behind a Concept!” – How to Overcome Diversity Fatigue

We spoke with Kay Formanek, author of "Beyond D&I: Leading Diversity with Purpose and Inclusiveness," about her Diversity, Equity & Inclusion insights.

Changing the Foundation for Female Leadership

Egon Zehnder and Bain are committed to the Female Force project, which collects data to share suggestions for closing the global gender leadership gap.

Embracing Your Voice as an LGBTQ+ Leader

Celebrating your full self as an LGBTQ+ leader can contribute to environments where people and organizations blossom.

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