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Content related to Diversity & Inclusion

Handelsblatt - The Chief Huntress

For the first time ever, there’s a woman at the helm of Egon Zehnder. Ader, who hails from the UK, is out to reform the firm.

Bloomberg – Need Female Board Members? Chile's Government Has a List for You

Some corporate executives made such a fuss about not being able to find enough women to diversify their boardrooms that the Chilean government came up with a list of 136 candidates to help them out.

CBC News – How Canada Stacks Up on Women's Representation on Corporate Boards

Having formal board evaluations, setting term and age limits, and implementing a gender diversity policy are some ways corporations can make progress in diversifying corporate boards.

Bloomberg – Want to Empower Female Executives? Pay Up

In 1989, feminist Arlie Russell Hochschild argued that working women go home to work a “second shift,” performing the majority of the labor involved in caring for their homes and children. That’s not the only extra shift working women are doing.

World IP Review – Women in the Boardroom: Diversity Matters

The principle is simple—diversity matters to business. But despite the focus on gender diversity and inclusion, efforts promoting them have had limited success, and diversity improvements remain incremental.

Economic Times India – Main challenge is retaining high-potential women at work

Women and men define great leadership similarly, but there are distinct differences across generations, according to a recent survey by Egon Zehnder.

Handelszeitung - More and More Diversity Projects

Simone Stebler discusses diversity, HR-Tech and why bosses need to be more approachable.

Companies Hunt for CEOs with High EQ and Humility

Egon Zehnder's Pallavi Kathuria discusses the shift in why organizations are looking for ethical and humble leaders.

Takeaways from San Francisco's Leaders & Daughters 2019 Panellists

View the takeaways from San Francisco's 2019 Leaders & Daughters panel session, featuring Shnam Koirala, Michael Mathias, Amy Argenal, and Devon Valencia.

Chef Traci des Jardins Discusses Breaking the Glass Ceiling in the Food, Beverage, & Hospitality Industry

At San Francisco's 2019 Leaders & Daughters event, chef Traci des Jardins discusses empowering female leaders in her keynote speech.

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