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Content related to Diversity & Inclusion

Addressing the Gender Disparity Problem in the Modern Workplace

Egon Zehnder's Loula Lefkaritis discusses the chances of achieving parity in our lifetimes in a panel session at the Milken Institute in London.

Financial Times – More women needed on boards, says UK’s biggest pension scheme

Egon Zehnder conducted a global study of board and senior executive roles at 1,610 public companies. It found that just over one in five board seats were occupied by women, but more than seven in 10 new positions were going to men.

Quartz – Company boards need at least three women before they truly begin to change

While progress is being made, especially at the board level, Egon Zehnder’s 2018 Global Board Diversity Tracker points out that companies need to go beyond the token appointment of one or two women to their boards before any positive impact is felt.

Financial Times – Doubts raised over whether gender parity in companies will ever be reached

In new research, Egon Zehnder examined board and senior executive roles at 1,610 public companies worth €7 billion or more in 44 countries. The findings indicate that just over 1/5 of board seats were held by women, a 2% increase over 2016, but more than seven in every 10 new appointments were still going to men.

Bloomberg – Women Get Board Seats Mostly When It's Required by Law

A new study by Egon Zehnder reports, among countries that average three or more women on large company boards, all but one operate under government-mandated quota systems. This begs the question, should the diversity advocates that have been trying for two decades to sell the corporate world on gender balance in the boardroom be lobbying lawmakers instead?

CNN Money Switzerland – Is Drive For More Women At The Top In Danger Of Grinding To A Halt?

Gender equality in the boardroom won’t happen if the pace of change continues to slow down. Egon Zehnder’s Simon Stebler, based in Zurich, explains why recent improvements are being threatened as new figures show just 2.7% of CEOs at large firms in Switzerland are women.

Fortune — How Companies like Intuit, TD Securities, and Egon Zehnder Are Striving For Gender Equality

Egon Zehnder chairwoman Jill Ader discusses gender equality in her panel session at Fortune's Most Powerful Women Summit

Female Leadership in the Legal Sector

During an interview with the consultant Ângela Pêgas, from Egon Zehnder Brazil, the attorney José Eduardo Carneiro Queiroz, partner-director at Mattos Filho, a company based in São Paulo, comments on the election of 80% of female partners in 2018. The video tackles core issues related to female leadership such as maternity leave, flexible schedules and the presence of women in a traditionally conservative environment.

Defining the Modern Marketer: The Hourglass Imperative

Defining and then finding the modern marketer is a task we face every day. Consider the hourglass. It is an iconic joining of equals that, when combined, shows us how energy flows easily and perfectly between them.

Mind the Gap: A Global Report

For Leaders & Daughters 2018, we hosted 32 panel and roundtable conversations around the world. We have now brought together almost 6,000 attendees to share experiences, perspectives, and—importantly—solutions. Through both intimate and large-scale events, we used this year’s theme—Mind The Gap—to look closely at why senior-level women so rarely make it into the C-Suite, and to share examples of success.

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