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Content related to Diversity & Inclusion

More women make it on to US company boards but fewer reach the C-suite

Egon Zehnder's Chuck Gray highlights that diversity remains a priority for boards and how a drop in CEO diversity impacts board diversity. (Note that this article may be behind a paywall and require a subscription.)

Navigating Complex Queer Issues with Human Answers

A collective message from Egon Zehnder as we celebrate Pride

Blazing a Trail: Women in Leadership | Shaheen Mistri

Be the change: In conversation with Shaheen Mistri, Founder and CEO of Teach for India and Founder and Board Member of Akanksha Foundation

Pacific Northwest's Influence

Phyllis Campbell, Former Chair of JPMorgan Chase, Pacific Northwest Region, talks career, board diversity and succession planning.

Accounting for Inclusivity in CFO Succession

The prevalence of women in finance role doesn’t equal a pipeline of future female CFOs. Jean Hu, CFO of AMD shares strategies to rectify that disparity.

Blazing a Trail: Women in Leadership | International Women's Day

Celebrating women in leadership this International Women’s Day, we bring the highlights from our conversations with exceptionally accomplished female leaders from versatile industries and fascinating life stories, who continue to pave the way for other working women.

How Technology Can Reduce Burnout Among Women in STEM

SpiceWorks discusses how women in STEM can feel more supported, citing Egon Zehnder research that reveals higher rates of burnout among women, attributing it to the dual burden of professional stress, societal expectations, and holding a leading role in their home life as a mother or core caretakers.

DEI Isn’t Divisive—It’s Unifying

Serious criticisms about organizational diversity, equity and inclusion efforts have been leveled periodically over the last 3.5 years in response to the increased focus on the topic in the wake of George Floyd’s murder. However, the questions raised by DEI critics present potential opportunities for innovation, not deletion. If we can apply the inclusive leadership practice of engaging in dialogue and open debate so we can see the issue from all sides, the practices will get better.

Leveraging Female Leadership

Explore the evolving landscape of gender diversity in Danish corporate leadership with Female Force 2025's second report.

Unraveling Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Metrics in the Financial Sector

The financial sector grapples with stark disparities, with only 9% of global Investment Committee members being women and Black professionals comprising just 7% of entry-level investment roles in North America, underscoring the imperative for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) reform. Amid the push for increased DEI metrics, a growing intersection with Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) practices is observed, emphasizing the crucial role of data in driving progress, transparency, and the transformation of culture within alternative firms.

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