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Board’s Legal Environment in India

Lawyer and board member Haigreve Khaitan shares what directors should be aware of.

Changing Perceptions and Expanding Opportunities: How GCs Can Land a Board Seat

What GCs can bring to the boardroom table beyond legal and compliance expertise.

The General Counsel as Strategic Board Advisor

In today's world, General Counsels are expanding their purview and impact, embracing the role of Strategic Advisor.

Shaping Associates into Equity Partners

The journey to making equity partner in a law firm is both fraught with challenges and full of learning opportunities.

Hacking Leadership in the Tech Industry

The tech industry is under the regulatory spotlight in the United States. Can leaders strike the right balance between compliance and growth as challenges intensify?


What consequences does the "VUCA world" have on the way in which leadership can be mapped out in future? What are the consequences for leaders? The complexity of our world’s current tectonic shifts does not allow for easy answers.

We Need Leaders, Not Just Lawyers

Lawyers have traditionally been hired for their legal expertise – their knowledge of rules, governance and regulations, their negotiating skills, their ability to navigate an organization out of legal jeopardy. All critical skills, of course, but hardly sufficient to serve in today’s complex business world. Today, an organization needs far more than legal advice from its legal function. Today’s business needs its General Counsel/Chief Legal Officer and its teams of lawyers to be top-notch leaders.

Establishing New Culture in Legal Departments: Summary of Article

General Counsels (GCs) are in an unique position to transform culture. By taking on four types of leadership roles, GCs can become cultural leaders, creating a strong departmental culture, which disseminates throughout an entire organization.

Reshaping the Legal Profession: The Need for Culture

Law firms have long since served as the last bastions of traditionalism in an otherwise volatile, uncertain world. But now it’s time to change.

From Expert to Legal Leader

Over the last decade, industries and companies have been roiled by more dramatic and more fundamental change than ever before. In this VUCA (Volatile Uncertain Complex Ambiguous) world, we have seen organizational boundaries blur and leadership increasingly challenged. Law firms and the legal in-house function have not been immune from this turmoil.

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