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Content related to Sustainability

How Boards Are Handling ESG

Nominating and governance committee chairs weigh in on how the boards should handle ESG.

From Risk to Reward

C-suite leaders and sustainability experts share how a focus on ESG is transforming the mining industry.

Can’t Buy Me Love

In the wake of COVID-19, the private equity industry could provide testament to the fact that sustainability and profit can go hand in hand. To do so, it will need to turn its back on old-established practices − and invest in its leadership.

The Sustainability Agenda: More Important—and More Valued—Than Ever

In a time of pandemic and unrest, ESG is more important than ever. Egon Zehnder’s Akiba Smith-Francis interviewed several top ESG executives to find out why.

CSOs Discuss Hopes and Fears for A Post COVID-19 World

COVID-19 is changing the world we live in, including for sustainability leaders. Egon Zehnder’s recent virtual meeting with a group of sustainability leaders shared insights on how COVID-19 could fundamentally change their role and the corporate world – for the better.

CEOs and Stakeholder Capitalism: An Expanding Leadership Role

CEOs face new requirements from stakeholders that calls for greater resilience and purposeful leadership

“When You Care About Our World You Simply Have to Manage Better”

If you’ve purchased a premium cotton shirt from the likes of Ralph Lauren, Hugo Boss, Tommy Hilfiger or one of many other well-known designers, chances are it was manufactured by the Hong Kong-based Esquel Group.

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