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From Leadership to Stewardship: Charting Asia’s Sustainable Future

Businesses today strive for longevity amid complexity, paving the way for stewardship not just leadership. Egon Zehnder explored the critical intersection of sustainability stewardship, leadership and the evolving global landscape with public and private sector leaders.

Performance through Kindness: Lessons from the Military

Richard Wardlaw, former Chief Defence Logistics and Support, UK Strategic Command, shared lessons from his military career that leaders in any field can draw upon.

Stewardship Conversations

Rachael De Renzy Channer, Egon Zehnder's Global Head of Sustainability, engages in candid and insightful conversations with global leaders at the forefront of the sustainability revolution, highlighting that purpose and performance are intertwined. These discussions offer a unique opportunity to delve into the personal journeys and distinctive approaches to sustainability leadership taken by these prominent figures in their respective fields.

Tanay Misra discusses "Elevating the CSO's Voice" - CNA 938

Egon Zehnder's Tanay Misra discusses the key findings of the recent "Elevating the CSO's Voice" study with CNA 938's Work It show with Cheryl Goh and Stanley Leong.

Reframing Sustainability Leadership

In conversation with Sander Tideman, author, social entrepreneur and executive coach in sustainable change leadership.

COP28 in Dubai: An opportunity for leaders to walk in others’ shoes

COP brings together leaders from every country and industry to create a transformative experience of walking in others' shoes and embracing diversity.

The Power of Procurement: Tackling the Climate Challenge

The fight against climate change has never been more urgent. Between 2011 and 2020, average global temperatures were roughly 1.1°C higher than those between 1850 and 1900—and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) estimates that 1.07°C of this is due to human activities.

Building a Roadmap for Collective Action

In conversation with Michael Greenstone, Climate Vault co-founder and Milton Friedman Service Professor of Economics at the University of Chicago.

The Power of Common Ground

In conversation with Robert G. Eccles, author, ESG Expert and Visiting Professor of Management Practice at the Said Business School at Oxford University.

How to Find a CSO with the Range of Skills your Company Needs

The CSO role has become much more strategic, taking responsibility for broader business transformation, explains Catherine Zhu, Global Head of Egon Zehnder's Sustainability Practice.

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