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Content related to Sustainability

How Boards Are Handling ESG

Nominating and governance committee chairs weigh in on how the boards should handle ESG.

From Risk to Reward

C-suite leaders and sustainability experts share how a focus on ESG is transforming the mining industry.

Four Ways to Move Your Sustainability Agenda Forward

As companies gear up to incorporate sustainability more holistically, we outline practical actions leaders can take to make progress on sustainability goals.

Egon Zehnder Global Survey Shows Strong Commitment to Sustainability and Need for More Action from Leaders

Creating a More Sustainable World Will Require Empathetic and Visionary Leadership to Guide Culture, Measurement and Talent, results show

CEOs at the Vanguard of Sustainable Growth

A sizeable minority of CEOs—one in four of those who participated in our survey—say that sustainability is already a major driver of their decisions. In this article, we shine a spotlight on these CEOs at the vanguard of the transformation to sustainable business.

From Compliance to Commitment

Mining companies are under pressure from a growing and diversifying range of stakeholders to be more sustainable. This report explores how companies can move from meeting the minimum requirements to operate to embedding ESG into who they are and how they act and includes interviews from mining leaders around the world.

For Supply Chain, Transformation Begins at the Top

Crisis is never welcome. But when it encroaches, the upheaval can usher in a period of transformation. For the Supply Chain Function, transformation will start at the top.

Egon Zehnder Snapshot on a sustainability study of European Boards

Companies adopt more socially and ecologically sustainable practices when the board includes women and environmental experts and when younger members are elected to the board on a regular basis. Such are the initial findings of a big-data study focusing on publicly traded European companies, conducted by the leadership consulting firm Egon Zehnder in cooperation with the University of Göttingen. Nina Schmarander and Carsten Wundrack from Egon Zehnder together with Professor Michael Wolff from the University of Göttingen discuss the study in this Egon Zehnder Snapshot.

Waiting for G-Force

In the quest for a more sustainable world, Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) principles continue to be a force for change. But experts in the space warn that success will only be realized when participants focus on G – governance. Without governance from the business sector, no environmental or social goals will be met.

ESG Making Its Move in a COVID-19 World

Our aim is to create an ESG Alternative Debt Community to advance the SDG: What does “good” look like in a post-COVID world?

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