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Goodbye to groupthink

Diversified perspectives make for better solutions.

“If I Have to Give You One Piece of Advice, It Is to Be Yourself and Accept Who You Are; Never Complain and Never Compare.”

How This Mother and Daughter Reached the Top of Chinese Business Leadership. An interview with Hera Siu, COO, Greater China, of Cisco Systems, and her daughter Esther Kwok, senior associate of Vega Proprietary Holdings, in a conversation about the next generation of female leadership

Until women reach a critical mass, the business environment is not going to change

How to create positive change in board diversity? What is the role of chairmen in driving the diversity agenda? What advice can a pioneer in the economic empowerment of women give to aspiring female talent?

Wooing Generation Y

Egon Zehnder's Bill King, Magnus Graf Lambsdorff and Catherine Hongxia Zhu share how to attract, nurture, and retain this confident and demanding new generation of talent.

Edward O. Wilson On the Importance of Diversity

Edward O. Wilson is celebrated as one of the world’s best-known biologists. In an exclusive interview, he discusses the need to appreciate and defend the diversity of life.

“We’re all born curious, creative, and imaginative.”

Education thought leader Tony Wagner and Ben Nelson, founder of the ambitious Minerva Project, talk about aligning the education system with future needs.

Bjarke Ingels - The alchemist

“The architect is more like a midwife, attending the permanent rebirth of a city.”

Interview with Umran Beba, PepsiCo

Umran Beba, former President Asia-Pacific and current Chief Diversity and Engagement Officer of PepsiCo, has advocated increasing the number of women in management positions – and has gotten results. In an exclusive interview with Egon Zehnder, she describes how she uses PepsiCo’s D&I agenda to reach her goals and why even strong women need sponsors

“Resilience is a natural part of our life.”

New York trauma researcher George Bonanno explores human beings’ astonishing capacity for self-healing.

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