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Executive Assessment & Development

Turning Potential into Success – The Missing Link in Leadership Development

How to transform raw talent into executive success

Originally published in Harvard Business Review, October 23, 2017. Read the full story here.

Corporate leadership development programs aren’t working. Less than a quarter of executives at the organizations that have them think they’re effective. Evaluations of managers at thousands of corporations suggest that 72% have what it takes to grow into C-suite roles. How can we bridge the gap between this raw talent and executive success? By following four steps:

  • Determine the most important competencies for leadership roles in your organization.

  • Assess employees’ potential by looking at the five predictors associated with success – motivation, curiosity, insight, engagement and determination.

  • Map people’s potential to the competencies required in various roles.

  • Give emerging leaders the opportunities, coaching and support they need to strengthen the critical competencies.

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