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CMO: Future Chief Experience Officer?

Six marketing executives from the French gaming ecosystem share key marketing trends that are driving growth and how they can inspire CMOs from other industries.

The Future of Great Leadership Lies in Resilience: Part III

Which competencies will the next generation of leaders need to steer their organization through future storms of similar providence, length and severity?

The Future of Great Leadership Lies in Resilience: Part II

Egon Zehnder surveyed a number of leading chief human resources officers (CHROs), asking them which characteristics they consider will be important for leaders to succeed in the next normal.

The Future of Great Leadership Lies in Resilience: Part I

True leaders stand out in a crisis. And for sure, the corona pandemic is a crisis like no other – and one that’s severely testing leaders.

Taking The Right Exit: Private Equity CFOs Share Their Wisdom

Before the pandemic, Egon Zehnder had planned a dinner for private equity CFOs on the topic “How to make a good exit.” Instead, the CFO team, led by Barbara Kroll, hosted a series of virtual interviews with four prominent executives.

New CEOs Show Their Genuine Side to Win Over Employees in a Virtual World

Highlights from a recent digital gathering with new external successor Chief Executive Officers, hosted by Egon Zehnder.

Handelszeitung – Governance norms are no carte blanche

Daniel Daeniker, a partner at the renowned law firm Homburger, recently addressed the issue of whether there are drawbacks when a former CEO joins the board of directors of their company, perhaps even becoming its chair. He advocated adopting a best practice approach, as opposed to a more rigid interpretation of international governance concepts. Let me elaborate on that: That leaders need some form of governance is a given. Anyone under no obligation to respect certain principles risks putting themselves first and the company’s welfare second. The question is to what extent top managers are involved when a company defines its code of governance.

Biotech During a Pandemic: Addressing Challenges Along the Pharma Value Chain

Evolving personal work patterns are demonstrating people’s amazing adaptability in the face of the pandemic: people are becoming much more comfortable and efficient at using virtual meetings, European Biotech leaders reveal to Egon Zehnder in a recent digital gathering.

The CEO Insights Series

The CEO Insights Series shares our latest and best thinking on the most definitive topics affecting CEO leadership and performance today.

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