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Motherhood Shaped Me into the Best Leader I Could Be

For me, motherhood has been about acknowledging my previous life while embracing a new one—as a human and as a leader.

Four Ways to Move Your Sustainability Agenda Forward

As companies gear up to incorporate sustainability more holistically, we outline practical actions leaders can take to make progress on sustainability goals.

Virtual Leadership: How Executives Can Bridge the Virtual Gap

As the dust of the receding pandemic settles and we try to come to terms with the emerging realities of the new normal, the state of the workforce has probably never been more in flux.

The Future of Retail

Retail companies have been permanently changed by the Covid-19 pandemic. Consumer behaviors have shifted, employees have embraced different ways of working and investors continue to seek guidance, even though each quarter has become harder to predict. We gathered a group of CFOs from major retail companies to share how they’re tackling these new challenges and how they see the CFO role evolving.

Leading the Future of Mobility: The Human Challenges Ahead

Culture, Purpose and Process all arise as key considerations for talent as the industry sees new disrupting trends

Egon Zehnder Global Survey Shows Strong Commitment to Sustainability and Need for More Action from Leaders

Creating a More Sustainable World Will Require Empathetic and Visionary Leadership to Guide Culture, Measurement and Talent, results show

Product Management: Going from Good to Great

At the Product Management Festival, we talked about the changes and opportunities facing product managers. If you’re a product manager, how can you go from good to great?

Striking Out on C-Suite Candidates?

Adult Development Theory is a key way to reduce employee turnover, improve interactions between CEOs and boards and integrate new employees.

It’s a New Year: Time to Tune Up the Product Function

Product is often at the core of how to best align the organization as product sits at the intersection of what’s possible and what is viable in the market.

Trusting the Process: The Rewards of Early Succession Planning

The importance of succession planning has rarely been more important. From 2022 and on, it is widely predicted that the frequency of CEO successions will rise drastically.

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