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Entering the Optimal State: Insights from emotional intelligence guru Daniel Goleman

Daniel Goleman shares insights with Egon Zehnder on operating optimally and how to achieve an “optimal” state for peak performance.

Seattle Leaders Are Embracing Human-Centric Leadership

A survey of 200 Seattle area leaders reveals a desire for a greater focus on the people side of the business.

Blazing a Trail: Women in Leadership | Aditi Kothari Desai

Turning the Wheel in conversation with Aditi Kothari Desai, Vice Chairperson of DSP Asset Managers Pvt Ltd.

Reframing Sustainability Leadership

In conversation with Sander Tideman, author, social entrepreneur and executive coach in sustainable change leadership.

COP28 in Dubai: An opportunity for leaders to walk in others’ shoes

COP brings together leaders from every country and industry to create a transformative experience of walking in others' shoes and embracing diversity.

The Importance of People Decisions in Scaling Businesses

About 1 in 5 businesses fail within their first year, and a lot fewer manage to successfully scale. What separates winning organizations during this crucial phase?

Blazing a Trail: Women in Leadership | Vinati Saraf

In conversation with Vinati Saraf Mutreja, Managing Director and CEO of Vinati Organics Ltd.

Book Excerpt - Smart Startups: What Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know

Werk's co-founder and Egon Zehnder consultant Anna Auerbach shares insights for success and pitfalls essential for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Five Traits to Drive Impact as an NGO Leader

What the NGO world today needs is leaders who are not just mission-driven but are holistic thinkers.

Is Your Organization Ready for a Chief AI Officer?

At varying stages in AI journeys, question is if a Chief AI Officer (CAIO) can steer an organization in the right direction towards true AI leadership?

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