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Companies Hunt for CEOs with High EQ and Humility

Egon Zehnder's Pallavi Kathuria discusses the shift in why organizations are looking for ethical and humble leaders.

Four Pillars for Developing a Human Capital Strategy

While HR is a natural advocate, developing a human capital strategy shouldn't be left solely to them.

Chief Executive – How To Build And Maintain Trust In The Age Of Volatility

How leaders need to model behaviors to build and maintain trust within organizations.

Takeaways from San Francisco's Leaders & Daughters 2019 Panellists

View the takeaways from San Francisco's 2019 Leaders & Daughters panel session, featuring Shnam Koirala, Michael Mathias, Amy Argenal, and Devon Valencia.

Chef Traci des Jardins Discusses Breaking the Glass Ceiling in the Food, Beverage, & Hospitality Industry

At San Francisco's 2019 Leaders & Daughters event, chef Traci des Jardins discusses empowering female leaders in her keynote speech.

Blythe Masters Shares Career Advice for Female Leaders | Leaders & Daughters 2019

At London's 2019 Leaders & Daughters event, Egon Zehnder's Axelle Sznajer spoke with Blythe Masters, former CEO of Digital Asset Holdings, and her daughter Honour Masters, Director of Business Strategy at coVentures, on how to empower future female leaders.

Negotiating For What You Really Want In Your New Job

Sarah Van Dyck joins the Safe for Work podcast to discuss how to ask for what you really want out of a job.

Insights from Women Directors

A group of women directors of industrial boards share advice for how boards should think about hiring.

Paola Carosella Discusses Empowering Women in the Workplace

At SãoPaulo's 2019 Leaders & Daughters event, Paola Carosella, businesswoman and renowned cook, made her remarks on women empowerment and diversity in the workplace.

Fabio Coelho, CEO for Google Brasil, Discusses Female Leadership & Potential

During the São Paulo edition of Egon Zehnder’s Leaders & Daughters event earlier in March, Fabio Coelho, CEO for Google Brasil, discussed female leadership and potential, along with the importance of diversity in organizations.

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