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Navigating ESG business risks in the transport & logistics industry

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, sustainability has progressed from being a mere buzzword to becoming a critical driver of success.

Blazing a Trail: Women in Leadership | Shaheen Mistri

Be the change: In conversation with Shaheen Mistri, Founder and CEO of Teach for India and Founder and Board Member of Akanksha Foundation

Unveiling Leadership Identity: The Power of Recognition and Reflection

Explore how your leadership identity can evolve and reflect on questions to see how others perceive you.

Letting Go of Pieces to Self-Transform

When developing yourself, it's inevitable to leave behind some pieces of your identity to effectively lead in today's world.

Clemency in Context: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Leaders

Clemency is broadly defined as being merciful, moderate, compassionate or forgiving. These are all qualities that many of us seek in our leaders today.

Leadership Development Revisited: A Call to Action

As long as people have led or been led, there has been the need to describe what good leadership is and what can be expected of good leaders.

Navigating the CFO Role as a Co-Pilot

Howard Ungerleider, CFO of Dow, asserts that today's CFO needs leadership, problem-solving, courage, curiosity, and accountability skills to deliver value for all stakeholders in the organization.

A Board Effectiveness Review: What Boards Can Learn from Looking in the Mirror

Discover the keys to navigating today's demanding business landscape through effective board evaluations. Learn how a comprehensive approach, combining online questionnaires and individual interviews, conducted by independent third-party specialists, can provide concrete insights for bolstering board effectiveness and driving positive change.

Blazing a Trail: Women in Leadership | International Women's Day

Celebrating women in leadership this International Women’s Day, we bring the highlights from our conversations with exceptionally accomplished female leaders from versatile industries and fascinating life stories, who continue to pave the way for other working women.

Entering the Optimal State: Insights from emotional intelligence guru Daniel Goleman

Daniel Goleman shares insights with Egon Zehnder on operating optimally and how to achieve an “optimal” state for peak performance.

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