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In Conversation with Elizabeth Ames, CEO of Women In Product

Women are still deeply under-represented in Product leadership. We sat down with Women In Product’s CEO, Elizabeth Ames, to discuss the issues facing women in this market and how businesses can acquire top talent.

Sole24 Ore – It’s Time to Rethink Leadership and CEOs Know It

The upheaval of COVID-19 has caused many CEOs to reach a new level of self-awareness. As a result, most CEOs believe it is now essential to review their leadership style, according to Egon Zehnder research quoted in Italian daily newspaper Il Sole24 Ore.

Le Temps – CEOs Need to Look Inward

Today’s business leaders need to reinvent themselves more than their companies, reveals an Egon Zehnder survey of 972 CEOs worldwide, including 100 in Switzerland, as quoted in Swiss French-language daily newspaper Le Temps.

We are Egon Zehnder

Egon Zehnder helps to solve complex questions with human answers

Leading Through the Unexpected

The chief financial officer position was already being recalibrated before COVID-19 struck, however, the global pandemic demonstrated in real time how the CFO’s role goes far beyond the balance sheet. We spoke with industrial CFOs to find out how their roles are evolving, what they learned from the pandemic, and what the new definition of the CFO role could look like.

Reflecting on 20 Years at Egon Zehnder

On the 20th anniversary of a successful partnership with the Firm I chose as my second home, I confess that on one hand it seems like a really long time, because it is the age of my son. On the other hand, it seems like only yesterday when I joined as the fifth member of a team of 15 people on the penultimate floor of the iconic Dacon building, just before the fateful attack on the Twin Towers.

A View Like No Other

Retail CFOs share how their roles are evolving, what they learned from the pandemic, and the broader influence CFOs can have both inside and outside their organizations going forward.

Gathering in Canada: HR Leaders as Backbone of Resilient Organizations

Egon Zehnder and Professor Joshua Margolis (Unit Head of Organizational Behavior at Harvard Business School and Chair of Program for Leadership Development) recently organized a roundtable on Resilience for HR Leaders in Canada.

Psychological Safety: Digging Deep Within

Examining psychological safety, why it boosts performance, and why it matters.

I’m a Great Leader Because I’m LGBTQ+…Not in Spite of It

As global leadership advisors, we see first-hand that the coming out experience is a transformative leadership moment. Whether you come out early in life or later, it is a time of deep self-exploration and reflection that requires great courage. It necessitates taking a risk that only those who have gone through it can understand. It is this experience of coming out and embracing the life experiences gained through being LGBTQ+ that we believe can empower LGBTQ+ leaders to tap into their full potential.

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