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Gathering in Canada: HR Leaders as Backbone of Resilient Organizations

Egon Zehnder and Professor Joshua Margolis (Unit Head of Organizational Behavior at Harvard Business School and Chair of Program for Leadership Development) recently organized a roundtable on Resilience for HR Leaders in Canada.

Psychological Safety: Digging Deep Within

Examining psychological safety, why it boosts performance, and why it matters.

I’m a Great Leader Because I’m LGBTQ+…Not in Spite of It

As global leadership advisors, we see first-hand that the coming out experience is a transformative leadership moment. Whether you come out early in life or later, it is a time of deep self-exploration and reflection that requires great courage. It necessitates taking a risk that only those who have gone through it can understand. It is this experience of coming out and embracing the life experiences gained through being LGBTQ+ that we believe can empower LGBTQ+ leaders to tap into their full potential.

Limiting Loneliness: A Self-Help Guide for Executive Extroverts

As executives assume positions of increasing seniority, their peer set falls away, leaving fewer confidantes and sounding boards. What’s a poor executive extrovert to do?

Establishing New Culture in Legal Departments: Summary of Article

General Counsels (GCs) are in an unique position to transform culture. By taking on four types of leadership roles, GCs can become cultural leaders, creating a strong departmental culture, which disseminates throughout an entire organization.

Flexible Working Is Here to Stay

Now is the time to lay the groundwork for the best working practices of the future – because we can safely assume that this new working reality is here to stay. So here is our best crystal-ball forecast for 2030.

Adapting to a Changing World

Some of the greatest challenges companies face today have already been addressed effectively within the co-op/mutual model. From creating values and purpose-driven cultures, to attracting new talent who prioritize authentic leadership, to juggling multiple, diverse stakeholders, co-ops have provided a roadmap for other organizations.

You're a Marketer. So Why Isn't Your Own Brand Distinctive?

You're a marketer. So why isn't your own brand distinctive? The first question to start with when thinking about your own brand is a simple one: What do you want to do with your professional life?

Chief Diversity Officer: Individual Coach and Organization Change Agent.

Carol Kauffman and Cynthia Soledad, co-lead of Egon Zehnder’s global DE&I Practice discuss how the landscape has changed for corporate DE&I work in the past year, how coaches and DE&I practitioners can help unlock growth in inclusive leadership skill, and how this connects to organizational development in DE&I.

Why Product Officer Searches Go Wrong

The search for the right Chief Product Officer is rarely straightforward. Often there is an understanding gap between the practitioners of the function and the businesses that hire them. Bridging that gap is the key to a successful CPO.

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