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Blazing a Trail: Women in Leadership

Radhika Gupta, CEO of Edelweiss Asset Management, delves into the experiences that have shaped her as a leader.

Inspiring Next Level Leadership

Successful executives crave feedback - it is essential to any successful executive’s career. The ability to give and receive feedback may well be the single most important driver for growth in a professional’s development journey. Moreover, they deliberately seek input from various sources to challenge and inspire themselves to grow beyond established patterns of success and ultimately transform themselves.

Effective Teams Start with an Authentic Leader

Brandon Sink, CFO of Lowe's, values the interactions he has with employees across all levels of the company. His extensive career in home improvement began with Deloitte, where he first served as Lowe's external auditor. He later joined Lowe's as the Director of Corporate Accounting and eventually took on the role of Vice President and Corporate Controller. Brandon and I sat down for a conversation about his journey to CFO, what he's learned along the way and how he builds and mentors the finance team. He shares practical advice for balancing a demanding job with his family and offers guidance for aspiring CFOs.

Unleashing Courage and Purpose

Embrace discomfort and risk for a better world. Learn from the case study of cleaning the ocean from plastic waste, and discover how impactful leadership, resilience, and collaboration can drive positive change, making a lasting impact.

The B2B Takeover: Insights from CMOs

Explore the lessons which B2B leaders and CMOs can derive from their B2C counterparts in the dynamic landscape of B2B companies.

Unlocking Leadership at Scale for Israeli Startups

Our insights with Israeli firms show three key areas for startup success: IPO-ready board, global executive attraction, and culture for expansion.

Blazing a Trail: Women in Leadership

From home balcony to dressing Global Personalities, founder of House of Anita Dongre shares her story of overcoming barriers.

Your CDO Does More Than Just Protect Data

Discover how Chief Data Officers (CDOs) have evolved into strategic visionaries, propelling organizations to success through data-driven decisions.

Pioneering Sustainability: A fireside chat with Roberto Marques, Former Chair and CEO of Natura &Co.

Roberto Marques, Former Chair & CEO Natura &Co, spoke about Scaling Sustainability and Key Competencies for the Board and the Employees.

How Higher Ed Can Transform Society

We spoke with CEOs of compact companies and business school deans, highlighting higher education's potential to transform society.

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