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The New Playbook of CFOs

An assertive hiring process doesn’t happen overnight, and it’s crucial to analyze where the organization currently stands, where it wants to go, and how the CFO fits into this puzzle. When hiring for this position, considering potential is just as important as technical skills.

To Unlock AI Success, Invest in Culture

Artificial intelligence is often considered a technological challenge by companies. However, the real challenge lies in how humans view and adopt it. In other words, it’s a matter of organizational culture.

‘Why Should My Company Seek an AI Leader?’

Odds are that your competitors are pondering the same question. We ask you instead, why not?

Done Deal?

When executives factor in the human element in their decision-making and due diligence process, they increase the chances of a successful transaction and ease any operational activities that might follow.

Boyan Slat’s Quest

The founder and CEO of The Ocean Cleanup went from studying aerospace engineering to becoming a cleaner. His main aspiration? To go out of business.

CISO to Board Member: Enhancing your readiness to serve

Drawing from our experience working with boards and cybersecurity executives over the years, this checklist offers practical insights to enhance your readiness to land your first corporate seat.

The Trapping of a Founder

After victoriously envisioning, creating, funding and launching a company, forces conspire to keep founders in that same leadership position forever, even as the role of leading the company evolves and changes from creator to builder to sustainer.

AI Won’t Replace Human Distinctiveness

The fear of AI making us obsolete has become increasingly popularized, but is it really necessary? But the truth is, AI is here to enable efficiencies and aid us, not replace us.

Beauty Marketer Make-Over

The fixed category lines that once defined the beauty executive are now more fluid than ever. Beauty is now a melting pot of talent, with professionals coming from other sectors and offering fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to the industry. This new era highlights endless possibilities for creativity and growth.

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