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What Is The Mission Of The Chief Digital Officer?

What is a Chief Digital Officer? In Forbes, Lindsay Trout talks about our CDO Decoded research and how this new member of the C-Suite leads digital transformation.

Karim Jalbout at CogX 2019: Leading Through Change

Karim Jalbout discussed “Leading Through Change” with two upcoming tech leaders at CogX 2019.

Financial Times - Egon Zehnder's Jill Ader: Challenging Partnership Traditions

In an exclusive interview with the Financial Times, Egon Zehnder Chairwoman Jill Ader discusses Egon Zehnder's commitment to diversity, the changing state of leadership, and being the first woman Chair of any executive search firm.

Efectividad de los Directorios en Argentina

Los factores que determinan la efectividad de un Directorio.

We Need More Humble Leaders. Here’s How to Get Them

Humility is a top requirement for the emerging workforce. Karl Alleman shares how both individuals and organizations can tap its potential in his latest piece for Fast Company.

Fast Company – We Need More Humble Leaders. Here's How to Get Them.

Humble individuals often do not see themselves as great leaders that can lead to misconceptions about their abilities and cause them to slip by unnoticed. In reality, this is not an issue of capability, but one of identity, which is something that leaders can develop.

To Accelerate CEO Diversity, Look to CMOs

Egon Zehnder’s Kristi Maynor discusses which C-Suite role exhibits key leadership factors most closely to the CEO.

Wharton Business Radio — Human Resource Secrets

Benito Cachinero shares how leaders successfully run their large companies, from day-to-day responsibilities to developing an overarching human capital strategy.

Introducing SQN: Where Technology and Humanity Unite

Despite the rise of big data, artificial intelligence, and advanced analytics, human resources is still waiting for its revolution.

What Brought Us Here Won't Get Us There

Amidst eroding margins and predatory competition, legacy business models are under pressure – and so are industry leaders.

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