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Why Decentralized Companies Outperform Their Industrial Peers

CEOs and presidents share why a common language, ownership mindset, and culture of discontent contribute to this organizational structure’s success.

More Diversity? Attitude Is Not Enough!

Diversity and inclusion are among the major business challenges of our time. For many years, politicians, business leaders and the public have been discussing how to ensure that, for example, women have the same career opportunities as men.

Open for Business: The Value of Flexible Thinking

“We’re facing hard times, and a really tough choice,” said the Chief Executive Officer of a multinational manufacturer, setting out his company’s prospects. At Egon Zehnder, we’ve been hearing this admission more and more from business leaders around the world, as they face rising costs, fluctuating demand, supply chain issues, and other economic, environmental, and socio-political challenges. Peering into an indeterminate future, executives must navigate ambiguous circumstances.

Engaging and Influencing Your Board in an Age of Rapid Change: Biopharma CTOs Share Their Best Practices

Egon Zehnder recently invited CTOs from top U.S. biopharma companies to discuss their experiences and best practices in today’s rapidly changing environment

Driving Digital in Media

Julia Beizer, Chief Digital Officer for Bloomberg Media, has a deep understanding of her product and its users. She spoke with us about where she sees product and product leaders moving in the digital future.

How Boards Can be ESG Leaders, Not Followers

In June 2022, Egon Zehnder held the latest event in its Corporate Governance Exchange (CGX) series, which brings together chairs and Nomination & Remuneration Committee chairs to share insights and challenges for board members who want to increase their strategic impact. This CGX event focused on “ESG and the Role of the Board,” and featured Douglas Peterson, President and CEO of S&P Global, as a guest speaker.

Adapting the Board to New Paradigms: The Example of Web3

For Web3 businesses, finding executive talent is just half of the battle. Building a board of directors who have the experience, capabilities, and mindsets to operate in new, rapidly changing and sometimes decentralized environments is a major challenge for CEOs and founders alike. There are three key elements Web3 businesses should look for in board members.

Radical Thinking on Sustainable Human Performance in Times of Crisis

Egon Zehnder spoke with the founders of Tignum who advocate a technique toolkit for leaders who seek high performance during times of stress.

Building Continuity in the Family Enterprise

In conjunction with Egon Zehnder and PwC, the John L. Ward Center for Family Enterprise at Northwestern’s Kellogg school has produced a series of white papers to educate family enterprise leaders on the challenges they may face – and solutions that can lead them to sustainable wealth.

“Don’t Hide Behind a Concept!” – How to Overcome Diversity Fatigue

We spoke with Kay Formanek, author of "Beyond D&I: Leading Diversity with Purpose and Inclusiveness," about her Diversity, Equity & Inclusion insights.

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