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The Founder Succession Wave Is Coming

Who follows the founder? The timing and choosing of this leader can be a tricky and often a highly emotional process. And it’s one that will have significant impact on the business world over the next two years as economic conditions unleash a wave of founder successions. To manage this transition, founder-led companies should be proactive. Don’t wait for the wave to wash over you. Craft your founder succession.

Connect and Cooperate to Create a Better Future

If we truly want to secure a future for this planet, we must find ways to be—and stay—connected.

Moving from Board Member to Board Leader

In the last five years, boards in the United States have been more intentional about adding directors from underrepresented minorities. However, that same level of progress is lagging when it comes to board leadership positions. Ninety percent of chair positions in Russell 3000 companies are held by white directors in 2022, and 87 percent of committee chair positions are held by white board members. We gathered 25 corporate directors in their first few years of board service and four experienced board leaders for a conversation about how to move from board member to board leader.

From Dream to Reality

Who are Founders as leaders? We've recently engaged dozens of early-stage founders to exchange on this question and share our key insights.

Transitioning from Board Member to Board Leader

25 early service corporate directors and four experienced board leaders talk about how to move from board member to board leader.

Adding "First" to Digital

Lucinda Newcomb talks about the legacy of the pandemic for product and the future of the digital-first consumer experience.

Does Your Board Have the Sustainability Expertise It Needs?

A practical guide to determine the right type of sustainability leader for your organization.

Economic Uncertainty, Tighter Consumer Budgets and Labor Shortage

Egon Zehnder gathered a group of eight CFOs and NEDs from public retail companies to share how they are planning for the end of this year into 2023 as they tackle inflation, a sporadic supply chain and a labor shortage.

Breaking New Ground as a Latina Leader

Esther Aguilera has a clear purpose: to help Latino leaders rise to the top. She reflects on how her upbringing, early education, and public policy career shaped her outlook on leadership.

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