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Pitfalls of Prosperity

One of the key reasons why start-ups fail is that they are unable to build a team that can scale through early and rapid growth. At Egon Zehnder, we have worked with Founders going through the experience of exponential scale, and we identified three distinct stages of talent needs that emerge on the way to building an enduring and thriving organization.

Finding Your ‘Inner Activist’

Bringing your whole self to work and recognizing the whole self of others makes leading in turbulent times less lonely.

How Family Businesses Can Compete for Talent

Egon Zehnder Consultant Sonny Iqbal and Alum Claudio Fernández-Aráoz on four imperatives family businesses can stay true to that will create opportunities to leapfrog their competitors. Read more on HBR.

Why Decentralized Companies Outperform Their Industrial Peers

CEOs and presidents share why a common language, ownership mindset, and culture of discontent contribute to this organizational structure’s success.

4 Strategies for Asset Owners to Win Top Investment Talent in a Fierce Market

How asset owners can attract, develop, and retain a strong in-house investment team in an intense competition for talent.

Semiconductor HR Leadership: The Talent Challenge in China

For HR leaders in China, the growing competition for qualified semiconductor professionals poses one of the most pressing challenges they are facing today.

Powering the Next Wave of Utility Leaders

Electric utilities have an unprecedented opportunity to modernize and transform the country’s grid, but it will take a committed approach to talent and culture to realize their full potential.

The Future of Talent Management in Biopharma

Biopharma HR leaders share how they are taking a fresh look at developing and engaging their leaders as we emerge from the pandemic.

In Start-up Talent, Cycle Timing is Key

Hiring in the start-up world is no longer a linear path, and leaders will need to stay ahead of their future needs when it comes to talent. It’s about timing, and here is how they can get their strategy right.

The Human Power of the Energy Transition

There are fundamental challenges in the energy industry today on all fronts, which require new approaches and awareness for winners to identify and unlock the human power to drive it positively.

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