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Executive Breakthrough

There’s no single right answer. There is one right approach.

We believe the world is now too complex for leaders to rely on one-size-fits-all courses or a single coach to provide all the answers. That’s why Executive Breakthrough takes no shortcuts, avoids no awkward questions and makes no assumptions. And it’s why, in place of one dedicated coach, you get access to a multi-disciplinary team of world-class development experts.

It starts, continues and ends with the individual senior executive: a systematic, year-long journey of personal discovery, development, and support that focuses the expertise, within Egon Zehnder and Mobius Executive Leadership, on the most meaningful interventions that will provide the greatest value.

At the end of the program we anticipate meaningful changes in mindset, identity, realized potential, leadership behaviors and a greater sense of purpose… qualities that are proven to accelerate the senior executive’s ability to grow into the most demanding of roles.

In short, it’s an investment in ensuring that, when it’s time for that big move, you and your organization find yourselves on the right side of hit and miss.

The program is by invitation only, creating unique, high-caliber peer groups and convened in intimate sessions with a small number of participants.

What Executive Breakthrough Participants say:

“A unique opportunity to help you define your life purpose and leadership identity”

“EBP was a complete breakthrough for me. It was a magical experience and I think any executive who aspires to transformational leadership should be on this journey”

For more information on Executive Breakthrough Program and the Executive Discovery Program please contact

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