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Istoé – Crisis Drives Brazil's Top Talent Abroad

  • June 2017

Crisis Drives Brazil's Top Talent Abroad

What is behind Brazil’s current talent exodus, asks Istoé? In a country shaken by crisis and political scandals, many Brazilians are thinking about moving abroad. And the better their academic background, the better their chances, leading to a wave of “qualified migration” out of Brazil. Commenting on this trend, Egon Zehnder’s Ângela Pêgas says: “The migration that we are seeing in the current crisis consists of highly-qualified individuals, who could make a major contribution to Brazil, but who are opting to live elsewhere instead.” Executives and entrepreneurs, notes Pêgas, have better opportunities to move to other countries than others. “The wealthy are buying real estate or getting investor visas to migrate,” she adds. But some of this talent is likely to return to Brazil in the long term, the article concludes.

Full story: "Essa migração é de gente qualificada" ("The latest migration wave consists of highly-qualified individuals") in Istoé (21 June 2017).

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