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Technology Officers

New Strategic Information and Technology Roles in Life Sciences Companies

The Impact of Digital Transformation on the CIO

  • February 2016

Fundamental changes in the marketplace for medicines, as well as the rapid and continuing evolution of technology are bringing new challenges and opportunities for life sciences companies and their contribution to healthcare systems. These changes bring pressure on CIOs to play an increasingly strategic role in advancing business success and delivering digital transformation.

The purpose of this report is to explore the current role and profile of today’s life sciences CIOs, and the impact of these changes. It highlights the extent to which CIOs have already delivered technological transformation using a newly developed ITTS Framework to measure company progress, and explores correlates of companies’ overall transformation performance. In this report we also examine the current profile of today’s life sciences CIOs and explore how the CIO role is being affected by new company needs and new information and digital technology roles. The skills and competencies that CEOs are now looking for in CIO candidates are also examined.

The study was produced independently by the IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics in collaboration with Egon Zehnder as a public service, without industry or government funding. The contributions to this report of IMS Health Account teams, Vineeta Chawla, Onil Ghotkar and Christian Reich at IMS Health, and Natascha Jacobovits de Szeged and Chris Patrick at Egon Zehnder, are gratefully acknowledged.

Access the full study New Strategic Informationand Technology Roles in Life Sciences Companies.

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