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The Slow One Loses This Race

A Hyper-Accelerated Pace of Change Comes to Global Healthcare

Healthcare has been in a state of steady, sometimes grudging, transformation for years. What’s different today is the dramatically accelerated pace of change that has been brought on by a combination of regulatory pressures, high costs, consumer empowerment, and revolutionary technological and medical innovation. In the world of health, change is now everywhere; it is rapid, and it is all encompassing.

Big Governments Driving Change

Beyond the Affordable Care Act in the United States, governments around the world, including China, India, countries across Europe, and into Africa are enacting reforms to improve the quality of their citizens’ health, and to do so more affordably. In response, healthcare organizations are rapidly merging, acquiring, and forming joint ventures and alliances to deliver care to consumers at a greater scale and more efficiently.

Technology and the Consumer Work in Tandem

Companies and consumers have embraced technology on a grand scale, and this too has led to a rapid change in how consumers experience their health. Individuals are not only using their smartphones to track their health, fitness, and medical conditions on a second-by-second basis, but they are also using their gadgets to connect with each other, compare notes and health experiences, rate companies and doctors and decide where, when and how to spend their health dollars. At the same time, more formal electronic health records are enabling providers and consumers to collaborate on health. Meanwhile, the pace of innovation in medical devices, biopharmaceuticals, genomics and other health solutions has no match in history.

Leadership For Accelerated Transformation

While change has accelerated, the pace is only going to quicken. Leaders that are succeeding in this rapidly evolving environment are the ones capable of working across these new combinations of companies, consumers and technology. To learn more about individuals and companies that are leading the way, visit us here.

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