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The Wall Street Journal – CFOs Bring Wall St. Skills to Silicon Valley

The appeal for Wall Street finance chiefs moving to Silicon Valley extends beyond the technology industry’s strength and lucrative pay packages, reports The Wall Street Journal’s CFO Journal. Arun Dhingra, leader of Egon Zehnder’s U.S. Finance Officers (CFO) Practice, told the publication that CFOs at financial services companies bring highly valued skills to maturing technology companies, whether the companies are preparing for an IPO or aiming for more financial discipline. “Companies in Silicon Valley are looking for public markets expertise, deal-making expertise, and ability to deal with complexity,” Dhingra said. “Oftentimes, where you really find all that is in financial services.” Dhingra added that growth rates for technology companies now dwarf those within the financial sector, which is dealing with increased regulation.

Full story: Vipal Monga: Wall St. CFOs Bring Needed Skills to Silicon Valley, in The Wall Street Journal’s CFO Journal (27 July 2015).

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