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Wall Street Executive Talent Part of Silicon Valley "Gold Rush"

  • March 2015

The New York Times – Wall Street Executive Talent Part of Silicon Valley "Gold Rush"

Silicon Valley is becoming a more frequent destination for high-level banking executives from Wall Street, attracted by the technology industry’s strength and opportunities to innovate outside of the regulatory environment in financial services. “Just the thought of walking into a tall building in a suit or high heels and going to meetings where you’re discussing a regulated industry where it’s increasingly difficult to innovate — most of the people I talk to don’t find that prospect appealing, Egon Zehnder’s Martha Josephson, a consultant in the firm’s Palo Alto office, told The New York Times. Wall Street executives have joined former top officials in the White House and politics who also jumped to positions with technology companies since last fall.

Full story: Nathaniel Popper and Conor Dougherty: Wall St. Stars Join Silicon Valley Gold Rush in The New York Times (25 March 2015)

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