Egon Zehnder
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Egon Zehnder + SQN: Unleashing the Power of Human Capital

About SQN

Sinequanon (SQN) uses AI and advanced analytics to improve workplace culture, which boosts both individual and organizational performance. It connects the dots between the desired culture, change readiness, behaviors, mindsets, actions, and—ultimately – business results. The SQN model is radical, yet simple: by leveraging neuroscience, group psychology and behavioral economics, it turns behavior change into a measurable business process.

The way my company communicates with me has fundamentally changed. Now it is transparent, relevant and – somehow – also energizes me. I have a renewed sense of purpose.

SQN Client

The SQN Approach

  • SQN leverages the latest science -- the neuroscience around habit formation; how group psychology improves communications and how behavioral economics can be used to encourage and incentive behavior change (nudging).
  • It treats behavioral change like a business problem. Sets targets, measures and takes actions using agile processes
  • SQN measures mindsets and behaviors; uses online smart surveys and AI to create a predictive, cloud-based model

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