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Handelszeitung – Governance norms are no carte blanche

Daniel Daeniker, a partner at the renowned law firm Homburger, recently addressed the issue of whether there are drawbacks when a former CEO joins the board of directors of their company, perhaps even becoming its chair. He advocated adopting a best practice approach, as opposed to a more rigid interpretation of international governance concepts. Let me elaborate on that: That leaders need some form of governance is a given. Anyone under no obligation to respect certain principles risks putting themselves first and the company’s welfare second. The question is to what extent top managers are involved when a company defines its code of governance.

Avoiding CEO Succession Planning Pitfalls

Family company Boards must create and maintain strong succession plans that consider both internal and external talent, as well as development plans for potential successors—and do all this while balancing the values and priorities of the family with the demands of growing and sustaining a business.

A Tale of Two Decades: How Global Crises Have Changed CEO Succession in the Mining Industry

New research shows nearly 4 out of 5 mining CEOs hired since 2010 were internal appointments, a significant increase over the prior decade.

Retaining Top Talent and Building Bench Strength - Directors & Boards

Egon Zehnder’s Lisa Blais and Kim Henderson share how the pandemic has changed companies’ practices and processes—potentially forever.

Audit Committee Report: Danger Ahead

Audit committees exist to flag dangers. And they are seeing a new series of threats to enterprise looming ahead in the next year.

“This is the Time to Shine”

Biopharma supply chain leaders have the attention of the CEO and Board – now what?

The Road Ahead for CEOs: Shifting Identity to Enable Change

CEOs have stepped up like never before to do their part in accelerating the movement for justice and reconciliation forward.

NGO Board Chairs: Providing a True North

Boards have played an invaluable role in looking beyond the disruptions to maintain a focus on the bigger picture.

Italian NEDs Need to Focus Boards on Medium-Term Strategies, Despite COVID-19

Highlights from a digital gathering for Non-Executive Directors in Italy, hosted by Egon Zehnder.

Accelerating Focus on Culture and Talent in the Boardroom - Part Two

Egon Zehnder's Greig Schneider and Lisa Blais share their unique perspective on culture and talent and how they are impacting the boardroom in an interview with Lebow College of Business.

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