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Proxy Season: A Springboard for Diversity Discussion

Investors are continuing their push for board diversity in the 2019 proxy season that was set into motion two years ago. Drawing on the energy from events, such as BlackRock’s letter to CEOs, demanding meaningful change in board composition, more investors are becoming vocal and more definitive about what constitutes boardroom diversity.

Efectividad de los Directorios en Argentina

Los factores que determinan la efectividad de un Directorio.

Bloomberg – Need Female Board Members? Chile's Government Has a List for You

Some corporate executives made such a fuss about not being able to find enough women to diversify their boardrooms that the Chilean government came up with a list of 136 candidates to help them out.

CBC News – How Canada Stacks Up on Women's Representation on Corporate Boards

Having formal board evaluations, setting term and age limits, and implementing a gender diversity policy are some ways corporations can make progress in diversifying corporate boards.

Companies Hunt for CEOs with High EQ and Humility

Egon Zehnder's Pallavi Kathuria discusses the shift in why organizations are looking for ethical and humble leaders.

Insights from Women Directors

A group of women directors of industrial boards share advice for how boards should think about hiring.

The Better Question – How Can More Women Become Architects of the Digital World?

Despite digital as a concept being gender-agnostic, the workforce that sits behind the design and execution, and implementation, has a bias toward men.

Building or Overhauling Your Start-up Board

Early stage companies tend to be innovative, entrepreneurial and willing to take risks. The founders of these companies often view a corporate Board as the construct that comes in to stall their innovative spirit; the equivalent of your parents accompanying you on your first date.

Think Like An Activist

Activist proposals have long been viewed as something to resist, even fear, but a new strain of thinking has become part of the debate. Boards are now looking at activist themes to inspire their own actions – as both an offense and defense strategy.

Forbes – Why Diverse Boards Matter

Having a diverse board is more just than a matter of optics.

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