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Moving from Board Member to Board Leader

In the last five years, boards in the United States have been more intentional about adding directors from underrepresented minorities. However, that same level of progress is lagging when it comes to board leadership positions. Ninety percent of chair positions in Russell 3000 companies are held by white directors in 2022, and 87 percent of committee chair positions are held by white board members. We gathered 25 corporate directors in their first few years of board service and four experienced board leaders for a conversation about how to move from board member to board leader.

Visibility, Opportunity and Access

Boards are making progress in representational diversity—slowly. However, most boards in the UK and around the world are still overwhelmingly white. To discuss this sobering reality, we partnered with the Executive Leadership Council to gather more than 40 board-ready executives (majority of those ethnically diverse in the UK) to share their thoughts on increasing visibility, getting noticed, appointed and integrated into boards.

Visibility, Opportunity and Access

We partnered with the Executive Leadership Council to gather more than 40 board-ready executives who shared their thoughts on increasing visibility, getting noticed, appointed, and integrated into boards.

Transitioning from Board Member to Board Leader

25 early service corporate directors and four experienced board leaders talk about how to move from board member to board leader.

Does Your Board Have the Sustainability Expertise It Needs?

A practical guide to determine the right type of sustainability leader for your organization.

Egon Zehnder’s Latest Global Board Diversity Tracker Shows Heightened Need for Inclusivity on Corporate Boards as They Diversify

Egon Zehnder released its 2022-2023 Global Board Diversity Tracker, revealing corporate boards have made some progress on diversity, but inclusivity needs improvement.

The General Counsel as Strategic Board Advisor

A General Counsel has traditionally played a singular role as legal advisor to the CEO and the board. But in today’s complex and fast-moving business world, more GCs are expanding their purview and impact, embracing the role of Strategic Advisor.

Engaging and Influencing Your Board in an Age of Rapid Change: Biopharma CTOs Share Their Best Practices

Egon Zehnder recently invited CTOs from top U.S. biopharma companies to discuss their experiences and best practices in today’s rapidly changing environment

How Boards Can be ESG Leaders, Not Followers

In June 2022, Egon Zehnder held the latest event in its Corporate Governance Exchange (CGX) series, which brings together chairs and Nomination & Remuneration Committee chairs to share insights and challenges for board members who want to increase their strategic impact. This CGX event focused on “ESG and the Role of the Board,” and featured Douglas Peterson, President and CEO of S&P Global, as a guest speaker.

Adapting the Board to New Paradigms: The Example of Web3

For Web3 businesses, finding executive talent is just half of the battle. Building a board of directors who have the experience, capabilities, and mindsets to operate in new, rapidly changing and sometimes decentralized environments is a major challenge for CEOs and founders alike. There are three key elements Web3 businesses should look for in board members.

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