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Boards Directors Are Going Digital. Why You Should Too.

The ‘digital board’ has become a prerequisite for securing long-term success, effectively managing talent, and mitigating risks within the company.

The Role of CFO Then Vs. Now

Zane Rowe, CFO of Workday, discusses technology, board collaboration, and the importance of finding perspectives in untapped places for innovative ideas.

The Board’s Role in Shaping the CFO Role

Amit Banati, CFO of Kellanova, reflects on how serving as a board director has broadened his perspective and sharpened his leadership skills as a CFO.

A Board Effectiveness Review: What Boards Can Learn from Looking in the Mirror

Discover the keys to navigating today's demanding business landscape through effective board evaluations. Learn how a comprehensive approach, combining online questionnaires and individual interviews, conducted by independent third-party specialists, can provide concrete insights for bolstering board effectiveness and driving positive change.

Distilling ESG drivers of enterprise value and the role of corporate boards

Corporate boards significantly influence the perceptions through their oversight duties of how much enterprise value creation comes from non-financial resources - many of which correspond to some key skills gaps inside the boardroom, which Egon Zehnder's Lisa Blais highlights.

CMO Leadership in the Boardroom

While marketers are qualified to bring their unique knowledge to the board as corporate directors, that rarely happens. This publication delves into the successful transformation model CFOs have used and adapts it to the unique context of CMOs.

The Role of the Board in Crisis

Egon Zehnder’ Directors Development Program held a session on this topic led by Sunil Mehta, former Chair of PNB and Yes Bank, in which he shared his insights, knowledge, and experience navigating various crises at the highest level of corporate governance.

Regulators' Perspective for Boards

One of the sessions of Egon Zehnder’s Directors Development Program looked at board governance from the perspective of the regulator, as well as how boards can be effective from a regulatory standpoint.

Managing Leadership and Transformation in the Boardroom

Digital transformation and AI have opened up exciting opportunities for business, but also require board members to execute management strategies.

How Committees Can Effectively Tackle the 'Nitty-Gritty' of Board Agendas

Join the discussion on board committees with Egon Zehnder's Directors Development Program. Gain insights on unique responsibilities and maximizing productivity.

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