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Coming Out Together: Creating CEO Allyship for LGBTQ+ Inclusion

By connecting with their LGBTQ+ colleagues—by speaking up, listening, and learning—CEOs have the means to enact real and lasting change, and ultimately unleash the full potential of their employees.

Charting the Future of Mobility and Automation

Leading a mobility revolution requires leaders who can balance the vision of what is possible and what their customers, employees, and stakeholders desire. Hear from Sense Photonics CEO Shauna McIntyre on how she blends a future vision with today’s mobility needs.

Becoming CEO: Why Identity Development Matters

Potential CEOs need to arrive at their own emboldened and grounded place of identity – of who they are and who they want to become.

New CEOs Adapt Strategies and Teams to Tackle Change Amid Continuing Crisis

New external successor CEOs shift existing team structures and explore new approaches as they implement real change amid the continuing corona crisis.

New CEOs Show Their Genuine Side to Win Over Employees in a Virtual World

Highlights from a recent digital gathering with new external successor Chief Executive Officers, hosted by Egon Zehnder.

Handelszeitung – Governance norms are no carte blanche

Daniel Daeniker, a partner at the renowned law firm Homburger, recently addressed the issue of whether there are drawbacks when a former CEO joins the board of directors of their company, perhaps even becoming its chair. He advocated adopting a best practice approach, as opposed to a more rigid interpretation of international governance concepts. Let me elaborate on that: That leaders need some form of governance is a given. Anyone under no obligation to respect certain principles risks putting themselves first and the company’s welfare second. The question is to what extent top managers are involved when a company defines its code of governance.

Master Complexity Before it Masters You

As companies move from short-term crisis management to the task of recovery and reimagination, it will be critical for leaders to distill and “bottle” the essence of the culture shift that has occurred during the crisis.

Agility and Innovation Required: What Else Can I Do?

What are innovative companies doing to help with the well-being and mental state of their leaders and employees?

The CEO Insights Series

The CEO Insights Series shares our latest and best thinking on the most definitive topics affecting CEO leadership and performance today.

A Tale of Two Decades: How Global Crises Have Changed CEO Succession in the Mining Industry

New research shows nearly 4 out of 5 mining CEOs hired since 2010 were internal appointments, a significant increase over the prior decade.

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