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Solidarity is More Contagious Than the Virus

On March 27, Egon Zehnder hosted a virtual CEO meeting between 20 Chief Executives of some of the world’s largest companies. Their message: Solidarity is More Infectious than the Virus.”

Working Through the Covid-19 Impact

Vaidheesh Annaswamy, President at OPPI, shares advice and insights to leaders navigating the Coronavirus outbreak.

COVID-19: Healthcare Leaders Respond

We convened global health care CEOs on March 21 and 22 to discuss what’s needed now and how best to lead in this crisis.

“In the Eye of the Storm”: A New CEO Mandate

Five tips for CEOs while they work to manage the business and create psychological and emotional safety for their employees during the COVID-19 crisis.

CEO Community Call: Leadership through Crisis

On March 19, former BP CEO Bob Dudley and former Rolls Royce CEO Sir John Rose shared advice on steering a company through a crisis.

Demystifying Courageous Leadership

Courageous leaders are the ones who can motivate their employees around a shared purpose, inspire their customers, and bring their companies to international recognition—on top of reaching shareholder goals.

Annual Health Industry Leaders Dinner

Egon Zehnder's 2019 Health Industry Leaders Dinner had an enriching discussion with commercial leaders representing best-in-class and global health companies including Novartis, Roche, and Sandoz.

CEOs and Stakeholder Capitalism: An Expanding Leadership Role

CEOs face new requirements from stakeholders that calls for greater resilience and purposeful leadership

Harvard Business Review – Managing the Trickiest Parts of a Family Business

Unlike their public-company counterparts, which focus mainly on increasing shareholder value, family-business boards must act on behalf of stakeholders with multiple and potentially conflicting agendas – for example, co-owners with equal power and completely opposing financial timelines.

From Risk to Reward

C-suite leaders and sustainability experts share how a focus on ESG is transforming the mining industry.

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