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What Makes an Ideal Private Equity CFO?

urious what capabilities a private equity CFO should possess? In this blog, we cover the skills and competencies of your next private equity CFO hire. Read on.

When to Trigger a CEO Succession

Highly effective boards ensure that succession planning never stops being a priority. It isn’t personal, it’s simply best practice.

The Best CEO Successions Start Early and Dig Deep

Our global analysis of the Business Services industry reveals that while experience and track record are key, early preparation is even better.

What We Know Now: CPG CEOs Share at the Consumer Goods Forum

Egon Zehnder was proud to participate in this month’s 2024 Consumer Goods Forum in Chicago. Sarah Van Dyck, co-leader of Egon Zehnder’s Global Consumer Practice, moderated an exciting and informative panel, Leading through Complexity.

Exploring How CEOs and Boards Can Escape the Growth Curse

Chasing growth can derail even the most well-meaning CEOs—and their companies along with them. We spoke with Yves Doz and Keeley Wilson, authors of Escaping the Growth Curse: The Path to Stronger Corporate Strategy, to explore their approach to ending the growth curse.

More women make it on to US company boards but fewer reach the C-suite

Egon Zehnder's Chuck Gray highlights that diversity remains a priority for boards and how a drop in CEO diversity impacts board diversity. (Note that this article may be behind a paywall and require a subscription.)

How leaders can build the green road ahead for transport and logistics

In our increasingly interconnected world, transport and logistics (T&L) play a vital role in ensuring the smooth flow of people, goods, and resources across vast distances.

Building Board Resilience in the Consumer Industry

Insights from our Inaugural Consumer Board Retreat

Enhancing the Chances of External Leaders' Success in CEO Succession

What could be better addressed throughout the succession process and into the early days of an externally appointed CEOs tenure?

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