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Content related to COVID-19

Learning from Each Other During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Leaders from six major industrial and manufacturing companies and groups operating in India gathered on a video call on March 13 to share how they were handling the crisis now, and how they were planning for what is to come.

How Healthcare Leaders Are Handling the COVID-19 Crisis in APAC

Egon Zehnder’s Singapore and China offices convened a virtual round table on March 12, 2020, with HR leaders to share learnings.

Leading Through the Coronavirus Crisis

Top executives share lessons learned from previous crises in the Asia-Pacific region – and how they may help today.

Leading with Care, Purpose, and Resolve During a Pandemic

How HR leaders can help employees and companies weather the COVID-19 crisis.

Leadership for a Better World Begins Right Now

Egon Zehnder Chairwoman Jill Ader shares three behavioral shifts for leaders navigating COVID-19.

Houston HR Leaders Share Tactics and Strategies During Covid-19 Crisis

On Tuesday March 24th, our Houston office hosted 20 senior HR leaders to discuss their insights on managing business continuity and leading their organizations through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Solidarity is More Contagious Than the Virus

On March 27, Egon Zehnder hosted a virtual CEO meeting between 20 Chief Executives of some of the world’s largest companies. Their message: Solidarity is More Infectious than the Virus.”

All Eyes and Ears on Communications During the COVID-19 Crisis

How corporate affairs and communications leaders are steering organizations through a pandemic.

When People Matter Most

How HR executives have stepped more firmly into leadership roles during the COVID-19 crisis

Sharing Circle from Italy to Turkey: Senior HR Leaders on What They’re Learning

What can Turkey learn from the Italian Covid-19 experience? Egon Zehnder brought together 60 executives to share their experiences.

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