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Pacific Northwest's Influence:

Phyllis Campbell, Former Chair of JPMorgan Chase, Pacific Northwest Region, talks career, board diversity and succession planning.

Lessons from Large Family Firms About Choosing a CEO

Research shows that large family businesses had much better succession practices than their nonfamily counterparts, and they outperformed on several measures after new appointees took the reins.

A Call for Human-Centric Governance

Family-owned businesses must acknowledge the importance of people and remuneration issues in companies to effectively fulfill their functions.

Growing the Family Office Future with Talent and Compensation

Family offices have existed for generations and there are more now than ever before. With the market growing and changing, the question of talent acquisition and company growth is front of mind for family offices.

How Family Businesses Can Compete for Talent

Egon Zehnder Consultant Sonny Iqbal and Alum Claudio Fernández-Aráoz on four imperatives family businesses can stay true to that will create opportunities to leapfrog their competitors. Read more on HBR.

Building Continuity in the Family Enterprise

Diving into the key challenges faced by family enterprise leaders, and the solutions to achieve sustainable wealth.

Sustaining Wealth Through a Well-defined Shared Family Capital Strategy

As family businesses diversify, fewer owners have a holistic view of all assets. A new Shared Family Capital Strategy created by PwC, Egon Zehnder, and the John L. Ward Center for Family Enterprises helps businesses maintain the connection between the capital and the mission and values of the family.

Family Business & Sustainability - Expert Interview with German Herrera

The Sustainability Board Report sat down virtually with German Herrera of Egon Zehnder to better understand the dynamics of family business and their approach to sustainability.

Avoiding CEO Succession Planning Pitfalls

Family company Boards must create and maintain strong succession plans that consider both internal and external talent, as well as development plans for potential successors—and do all this while balancing the values and priorities of the family with the demands of growing and sustaining a business.

Balancing Personal and Professional Relationships in Family Businesses

Managing family relationships at work is one of the thorniest issues in family-owned businesses, particularly when relationships cross generations (e.g., parent-child or uncle/aunt-nephew/niece). Many family members are committed to professionalism and strive to separate work and family in their dealings with each other. However, simply decreeing such a separation between work and family is not enough.Both family leaders and the rising generation have work to do to ensure cohesion on a familial and business basis.

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