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Hiring Right: A Guide for Founders and High-Growth Companies

In early-stage and higher-growth companies, nothing is more important than making the right bets on people.

Adding "First" to Digital

Lucinda Newcomb talks about the legacy of the pandemic for product and the future of the digital-first consumer experience.

Driving Digital in Media

Julia Beizer, Chief Digital Officer for Bloomberg Media, has a deep understanding of her product and its users. She spoke with us about where she sees product and product leaders moving in the digital future.

From ‘Mini CEOs’ to Teammates

What is happening in the Product Leader space? We asked Raza Haider, the newly appointed CPO for Bose, about his journey to product leadership and his view on the role in today’s innovation landscape.

The Path to Product

Mads Johnsen is the Chief Product Officer at Calm, where he leads product and growth teams. He took the role in 2021 after stints at Uber, LinkedIn, McKinsey and Nokia. While his titles have changed over the years, his work has always been in service to product. He spoke with Egon Zehnder’s Anna Auerbach about the ways in which the product role has evolved.

Product Management: Going from Good to Great

At the Product Management Festival, we talked about the changes and opportunities facing product managers. If you’re a product manager, how can you go from good to great?

It’s a New Year: Time to Tune Up the Product Function

Product is often at the core of how to best align the organization as product sits at the intersection of what’s possible and what is viable in the market.

In Conversation with Elizabeth Ames, CEO of Women In Product

Women are still deeply under-represented in Product leadership. We sat down with Women In Product’s CEO, Elizabeth Ames, to discuss the issues facing women in this market and how businesses can acquire top talent.

Why Product Officer Searches Go Wrong

The search for the right Chief Product Officer is rarely straightforward. Often there is an understanding gap between the practitioners of the function and the businesses that hire them. Bridging that gap is the key to a successful CPO.

Product Leader Confidential

We gathered a dozen women in Product to hear their take on how the function operates, what they see as their roles and what they wish the C-suite knew about Product life.

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