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Ethical Boardroom - Cristina Manterola - Boosting Lat Am Boardroom Gender Diversity

Latin America is lagging behind Europe and the United States when it comes to gender diversity in the boardroom. How can it catch up, asks Egon Zehnder’s Cristina Manterola in Ethical Boardroom magazine? Interviews with over 60 board chairs and female board members uncovered widespread opposition to government-imposed quotas on board composition, but acceptance of subtler efforts to encourage diversity have proven effective in Latin America. “Looking at Latin America as a whole, we see a growing acceptance of the fact that boardroom gender diversity is an unavoidable cost of entry into the upper tier of global corporate citizenship. The open question is how rapid the change will be,” notes Manterola.

Full story. Cristina Manterola: “Gender Equality in Latin American Boardrooms” in Ethical Boardroom (8 November 2016).

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