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In an interview with Manager Magazin, Michael Ensser, Managing Partner for Germany, talks about what companies should look for in candidates in the era of digitalization. Ensser believes that competencies, experience, and quantifiable achievements shouldn’t be the only criteria, and that in fact the potential to master future challenges is key.

Another factor is the ability to accurately reflect on one’s inner self. “A large ego paired with a small sense of self is highly problematic,” says Ensser. And when it comes to connections, he boils the issue down to a simple point: “At the end of the day, it’s not who you know, but what you know.” Looking ahead to the future, Ensser remains optimistic. He sees a large number of well-managed companies that are quietly gearing up for digital transformation.

Micheal Ensser: “Das Potenzial entscheidet” in Manager Magazin (3/18) p. 32, in German only.

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