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Enhancing Director Effectiveness 2022

As the role of the board has expanded, so has the need for continuing development for corporate directors. The Directors Development Program (DDP) is a unique approach to give board members both a curriculum and a community in which they can learn and share best practices. Egon Zehnder partnered with Harvard Business Publishing to develop the program, and what follows are key insights from the 2022 DDP insights.

Foundation Topics

  • The Fundamentals of Corporate Governance

    A discussion exploring the changing landscape of corporate governance for board directors of India’s top public sector banks.
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  • Structure & Rationale of Committees

    How directors can understand the strengths and weaknesses of their board’s committee system and use committees to advance company goals.
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  • Becoming a Highly Effective Board Member

    A discussion on the “what” of a high-performing board (i.e., understanding the role of the board and its agenda) and the “how” (i.e., the dynamics of the boardroom and how it should operate via personal interactions and styles).
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Key Issues

  • ESG and the Role of the Board

    Shailesh Haribhakti speaks about the current state of ESG and what a board should do to ensure ESG goals are met
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  • Cybersecurity and the Role of the Board

    Banks urged to assess cybercrime risks
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  • Overview of Fintech

    Banks Must Prepare for a Customer-Driven Future
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  • The Role of the Board in a Crisis and Dilemmas in Corporate Governance

    Managing crises from the board’s perspective, and how the chair and members can play a role in mitigating negative outcomes.
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  • Best Practices of High-Performing Board

    Lessons learned and the future of board governance
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  • Fintech: a Founder’s Perspective

    Panel members provide their perspectives on what trends are driving India’s fintech revolution
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  • Board’s Legal Environment in India

    Lawyer and board member Haigreve Khaitan shares what directors should be aware of.
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Board Processes

  • Designing Effective Board Processes

    Corporate directors exchange on optimal processes for an effective board operation before, during, and after the meeting
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  • A Board's Role in Developing Building Talent and Culture

    Kalpana Morparia speaks about best practices for board culture, and reflects on her experience as a leader who is constantly improving.
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  • The Board's Role in Embedding Shared Purpose

    Examining board and corporate responsibilities in an era of pressing global challenges
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  • Building a High-Performing Board

    How corporate directors can create a culture of collaboration in the boardroom that drives results company-wide.
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  • Role of the Chairperson, Good Board Governance and Managing Dissent in the Boardroom

    A wide-ranging discussion of important issues that impact the successful functioning of a board
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