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Enhancing Director Effectiveness

As the role of the board has expanded, so has the need for continuing development for corporate directors. The Directors Development Program (DDP) is a unique approach to give board members both a curriculum and a community in which they can learn and share best practices. Egon Zehnder partnered with Harvard Business Publishing to develop the program, and what follows are key insights from the 2023 DDP insights.

Foundation Topics

  • The Fundamentals of Corporate Governance

    One of the sessions of Egon Zehnder’s Directors Program looked at the “Fundamentals of Corporate Governance,” examining a broad set of recommendations and challenges for board directors to consider as they strive to build an effective organization.
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  • Building a High-Performing Board

    Boards hardly succeed by accident. In fact, it takes intentional efforts to construct a consistently high-performing board. This was one of the key takeaways from a recent session of Egon Zehnder’s Directors Development Program which delved into how to build a high-performing board.
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  • High Performing Boards Start with Effective Board Members

    As part of the Directors Development Program, Ashley Summerfield, Vineet Hemrajani, and Darpan Kalra, shares what it takes to be an effective director and the key qualities of a chair in unlocking and enabling board effectiveness.
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  • Best Practices of High Performing Boards

    In a recent session, Egon Zehnder explored “Best Practices of High-Performing Boards.” Led by Dinesh Khara, chairman of the State Bank of India, the discussion covered factors shaping board effectiveness, including vision, responsibilities, and agenda setting.
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  • Regulators' Perspective for Boards

    One of the sessions of Egon Zehnder’s Directors Development Program looked at board governance from the perspective of the regulator, as well as how boards can be effective from a regulatory standpoint.
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  • The Role of the Board in Crisis

    Egon Zehnder’ Directors Development Program held a session on this topic led by Sunil Mehta, former Chair of PNB and Yes Bank, in which he shared his insights, knowledge, and experience navigating various crises at the highest level of corporate governance.
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Key Issues

  • How Boards Can Own the Company Strategy Without Acting on It

    “What is strategy?” asked Ashish Nanda to board members attending Egon Zehnder’s Directors Development Program.
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  • Cybersecurity: What Boards Need to Know

    One of the sessions of Egon Zehnder’s Directors Development Program addressed the multifaceted challenges of cybersecurity in a world that is becoming more technology driven and more connected.
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  • Expanding the Universe: The Future of Fintech & Insurtech

    Egon Zehnder's Directors Development Program held a session with Hemant Jhajhria, career digital strategy expert and current Managing Director and Partner with Boston Consulting Group, to understand the current trajectory of the alternative financial services landscape.
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  • Metaverse, AI, and Robotics: A Glimpse into the Future of Finance

    To address critical questions related to the increasingly complex worlds of modern finance and insurance, Egon Zehnder’s Directors Development Program held a session for the participating board directors titled “Metaverse, AI, and Robotics: A Glimpse into the Future of Finance” with Harsha Kikkeri, CEO of HoloSuit.
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  • The Board’s Legal Environment

    A new installment of Directors Development Program with Sharad Abhyankar, a Senior Partner at Khaitan & Co., unpacked legal principles and liabilities for board directors.
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  • The Rise of the India Stack: Addressing India’s Digital Public Infrastructure Revolution

    Egon Zehnder’s Directors Development program hosted an insightful session with Dr Pramod Varma, former Chief Architect of Aadhaar, India’s digital identity program and former Chief Architect of India Stack, to learn more about the current state of the India Stack, as well as where it is headed.
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  • Managing Leadership and Transformation in the Boardroom

    Digital transformation and AI have opened up exciting opportunities for business, but also require board members to execute management strategies.
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Board Processes

  • Achieving Long-Term Strategic Alignment Between Boards and Management

    A new session of Egon Zehnder’s Directors Development Program looked at executive strategy in the boardroom and how companies can best prepare themselves as they face a rapidly shifting economic landscape.
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  • Defining the Board’s Role in Embedding Shared Purpose

    To learn more about the growing importance of shared purpose in today’s environment, Egon Zehnder’ Directors Development Program held a session on the topic led by Arundhati Bhattacharya, earlier Chair of State Bank India and currently Chair and CEO of Salesforce India.
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  • Leading the Boardroom: Insights on Good Board Governance and Managing Dissent

    In a recent session of Egon Zehnder’s Directors Development Program, the focus was on the nuanced role of the chair and the delicate art of managing dissent in the boardroom.
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  • The Board’s Role in Developing Leadership, Talent and Culture

    As part of the Directors Development Program, a session centered on the role boards play in developing leadership, talent and culture, was led by Kalpana Morparia, former Chair and CEO of JP Morgan’s South and Southeast Asia region, who explored the best practices for fostering a healthy board culture, diving into strategies and experiences she has embraced throughout her career.
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  • Creating Efficient Board Processes, From Agendas to Action

    In July, Egon Zehnder hosted a Directors Development Program session titled “Board Processes.” The event featured Sanjiv Sachar, an Independent Director & NRC Chair at HDFC Bank and a former partner at Egon Zehnder. Sachar shared insights on agenda-setting, facilitating discussions, meeting management, and overall board efficiency.
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  • Enhancing Board Performance through Evaluations

    Explore best practices in board evaluation with Egon Zehnder’s Directors Development Program.” In this session, former Egon Zehnder Senior Partner Sanjiv Sachar shares insights on effective board review processes, emphasizing their significance for organizational success.
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  • How Committees Can Effectively Tackle the 'Nitty-Gritty' of Board Agendas

    Join the discussion on board committees with Egon Zehnder's Directors Development Program. Gain insights on unique responsibilities and maximizing productivity.
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