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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Handelszeitung – Pharma: Making Diversity Part of the Business Model

  • March 2018

“Gender diversity works when it is part of a business model,” notes Egon Zehnder’s Simone Stebler in Swiss daily Handelszeitung. The pharma industry has a very strong track record when it comes to integrating both genders and different cultures, she adds. Her colleague Gaëlle Boix agrees: “Pharma industry players have recognized that they can only win the war for top talent by tapping the potential of women”, especially in view of the growing number of women becoming doctors. But both see a need for greater diversity at the very top, where an “unconscious bias” still prevails. According to Boix, progress has been made, but a mindset change is needed. “As long as this does not happen the process will stagnate,” she warns.

Full story: Seraina Gross: “Yes, she can” in Handelszeitung (7 March 2018).

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