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Feeding it Forward

Future Foodtech 2023

Innovation and Investment from Farm to Fork

At Future Foodtech 2023 in San Francisco, sponsored by Egon Zehnder, West Coast innovators, global food brands, ingredient providers and investors gathered to reimagine how to produce and consume food in this rapidly expanding industry.

Many of those leaders took time to sit down with us and share where they see the industry is headed, as well as their thoughts on talent in the space. Jason Hecker and Logan McDougal were able to meet with a number of distinguished guests, including:

  • T.C. Chatterjee, CEO, Griffith Foods
  • Mike Leonard, CEO, Motif Foodworks
  • Naveen Sikka, Founder and CEO, Terviva
Jason Hecker (Consultant, Egon Zehnder) sat down for a conversation with T.C. Chatterjee (CEO, Griffith Foods) who shares his perspective on the agrifoods industry and how purpose is a key component of his work.

“The first part is what do we believe we’re good at?...The second part is how do we take what we’re good at…and parlay it into meeting a need in the world?”

Jason Hecker (Consultant, Egon Zehnder) and Mike Leonard (CEO, Motif Foodworks) discuss Mike’s insights and challenges about his work in the food industry and his transition from CTO to CEO.

“Seek out ways you can contribute beyond your core competency, be curious about the overall business, and see if that energizes you.”

Logan McDougall (Consultant, Egon Zehnder) in conversation with Naveen Sikka (Founder and CEO, Terviva), discussing the founding of Terviva and Sikka’s projections for the industry.

“What is it we can uniquely do…to scale impact and purpose?”

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