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Reflecting on 20 Years at Egon Zehnder

Luis Gustavo Giolo

On the 20th anniversary of a successful partnership with the Firm I chose as my second home, I confess that on one hand it seems like a really long time, because it is the age of my son. On the other hand, it seems like only yesterday when I joined as the fifth member of a team of 15 people on the penultimate floor of the iconic Dacon building, just before the fateful attack on the Twin Towers. Since then, a lot has changed, inside and outside the Firm, the world has undoubtedly become faster, bigger and more complex. But the essence of our Firm has not: the values, the sense of purpose and creating a positive impact by strengthening leadership for a better world.

After some reflection, I share with you the lessons I have learned throughout this career.

Avoiding specific acknowledgments, I want to thank my wonderful clients who have provided me to meet more than 15,000 excellent professionals so far, impacting almost 350 families with better opportunities (to the most part, and sorry to those who I made a mistake), to my coaches, colleagues who helped me on this journey, and my family who put up with a lifestyle where the prime time for meetings encompass all the meals and end of the day, but still have the patience to listen to the stories I learn from them.

To Dr. Egon Zehnder, my special thanks for being the great architect of my prosperity and many others.

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