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Chief Procurement Officers: What they do and why they’re ‘unsung heroes’ for tackling big global challenges

“Chief Procurement Officers can fit into a net zero strategy as a key deliverer of part of the strategy,” says Rachael de Renzy Channer, Egon Zehnder's Head of Sustainability.

You Can Say, Carefully, 'I Don't Know,' Says Egon Zehnder CEO

Edilson Camara, Global CEO of Egon Zehnder, in interview to Valor Econômico

Forecast 2024: Worth the Risk

In this Portfolio Magazine interview, Wan May Ang, Partner and Singapore Office Leader of Egon Zehnder alongside other leaders, answer: What risks are you willing to take for 2024?

CIOs Grapple with the Ethics of Implementing AI

Christoph Wollersheim, a member of the services and artificial intelligence practices group at global consulting firm Egon Zehnder, pinpoints five critical areas most organizations need to address when implementing AI: accuracy, bias, security, transparency, and societal responsibility.

Tanay Misra discusses "Elevating the CSO's Voice" - CNA 938

Egon Zehnder's Tanay Misra discusses the key findings of the recent "Elevating the CSO's Voice" study with CNA 938's Work It show with Cheryl Goh and Stanley Leong.

Four Skills as CEO That Foster a Forward-Thinking Corporate Culture

According to a study by Egon Zehnder, around 80% of global CEOs recognize they must change themselves to change the world.

Women Leaders in a Transformative Era

Egon Zehnder's Global Board Diversity Tracker shows that 11.1% of executive board chairs are held by women in India, while the number stands at 3.7% globally.

CSOs Propel Shift Towards Sustainable Business Practices

A new Egon Zehnder study reveals that, supported by CEOs, CSOs are amplifying sustainability impact and embedding it across organizational operations.

'Accomplishment Doesn't Always Go Hand in Hand with Success'

Faced with complexity, traditional skills and certainties are not only not enough but sometimes prove limiting, says Raphaël Czuwak, managing partner of Egon Zehnder in France.

3 Priorities for Today’s Marketing Leaders

Consultants Martha Williams and Pree Rao, alongside other experts, weigh in on trends and challenges in a time of radical industry shifts.

Lindsay Trout: Transforming the World through Exceptional Leadership

CXO Inc Magazine interviewed Egon Zehnder partner Lindsay Trout about her background, leading for a better world, advising leaders to become their best selves, and more.

How to Find a CSO with the Range of Skills your Company Needs

The CSO role has become much more strategic, taking responsibility for broader business transformation, explains Catherine Zhu, Global Head of Egon Zehnder's Sustainability Practice.

Unveiling the Business Risk: Why Board and Executive Engagement in DE&I Matters

The absence of well-run DE&I efforts is a business risk that boards should strongly consider.

What Did You Say? Boards Tackle Corporate Jargon

Governments around the world have introduced laws that require plain language in public communications. Directors in the corporate world could benefit from similar efforts, consultant William Houston discusses.

Board Oversight of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Well-run diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) initiatives can yield many benefits, but on the other hand, poorly resourced DE&I efforts can put a business at risk and hinder progress, as consultants Chuck Gray and Cynthia Soledad discuss.

How to Create an Inclusive Executive Search Process that Promotes Diversity in the Boardroom

Making leadership appointment processes more inclusive starts with the role of the people involved in the search process, Silvia Wiesner explores, drawing from "Search 2.0: The Future of Leadership Appointments."

Trailblazing Leaders and Visionaries: Showcasing the Evolution of Leadership

Egon Zehnder's Natascha van Boetzelaer discusses digital talent on the Business Leader podcast.

The Unexpected Pitfalls of Work-from-Home Parenthood

In a 2021 Egon Zehnder study, more than 7 in 10 C-suite professionals said that remote workers might be passed over for leadership roles because they weren’t in the office.

Unveiling the Business Risk: Why Board and Executive Engagement in DE&I Matters

Chuck Gray and Cynthia Soledad share strategies for boards and executive teams to avoid and overcome common pitfalls in DEI efforts.

Savage x Fenty: What’s Next for Company After Rihanna Resigned as CEO?

Egon Zehnder's Sarah van Dyck has confirmed that Anthropologies' former CEO Hillary Super will succeed Rihanna as the CEO of Savage X Fenty.

How the CFO Position Continues to Evolve

Egon Zehnder consultants Ângela Pêgas and Bruno Carrasco believe considering potential is just as important as technical skills when hiring for a CFO.

The second episode of the program "We Are Opening the Sound" has been released

Egon Zehnder's Murat Yesildere discusses how gender inequality could be resolved through men in the second episode of 'We Are Opening the Sound'.

Executive Recruiters Pull Off Another Remarkable Year, Remain Bullish for 2023

Egon Zehnder's Chair Michael & CEO Ed, said "Our impressive financial results for FY 2022 are a testament to our unwavering commitment to our clients."

Preparing for a board position as a senior leader

Egon Zehnder's insights on board readiness; key focus on corporate governance & ESG, tech's strategic importance, and women representation in boards.

Egon Zehnder Names Co-Leader of U.S. CEO and Board Practice

Egon Zehnder appoints Charles Gray as Co-Leader of U.S. CEO & Board Practice with Lisa Blais to leverage global best practices, perspectives, & tools.

Breaking the Boardroom Glass Ceiling

Egon Zehnder's Global Board Diversity Tracker shows rapid progress in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and rise of female leadership in top ranks.

CXO hiring unfazed by downturn in job market

Pallavi Kathuria, partner at Egon Zehnder speaks with the Economic Times about the job market.

Where are all the jobs? A sector guide for students

Catherine Zhu, head of the sustainability practice, discusses the green jobs available for students and the workforce at large with the Financial Times.

Is ‘DEI-hushing’ next? The danger in the Republican anti-woke response to SVB’s collapse

Cynthia Soledad, who co-leads the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion practice at Egon Zehnder, emphasizes the importance of support and psychological safety for DE&I officers, in response to claims who linked the diversity of Silicon Valley Bank to its collapse.

Corporate Sustainability Becomes a Team Sport

Rachael De Renzy Channer, Egon Zehnder's Global Head of Sustainability explains how the changing role of the CSO is transforming business. “As we see businesses trying to integrate sustainability, we’re seeing the role open up more to people who are strategic, people who are transformers, change agents, disrupters, versus perhaps the subject matter experts that were running it before.”

How to Onboard Your New Boss

Many companies still give too little time and focus to helping new leaders succeed. If you have a new manager coming soon, the best way to offer your support is to guide them up the learning curve. Based on our firm's research on why onboarding leaders often fails, the authors offer practical recommendations for how to help your new manager learn about the organization, the team, and the culture.

Leadership transition at nonprofits need not be messy

Egon Zehnder's Namrita Jhangiani and Govind Iyer help smoothen the CEO transition of nonprofit Educate Girls. Maharshi Vaishnav, former COO, took over from founder Safeena Husain in 2022, facilitated by a "rigorous 12-month programme" to create a "formal process of transition along with a board subcommittee".

8 recruiters who are helping tech and media talent get hired in creator economy jobs

Egon Zehnder's Calvin Yee and Ashley Harding were named as top recruiters in media and entertainment by Business Insider.

Gucci Taps Sabato De Sarno as Creative Director

Gucci has found a successor for Alessandro Michele, who left in November 2022 after a seven-year run. Jean Vigneron, consultant at executive search company Egon Zehnder, says: “Kering has a track record of betting on designers who are unknown to the public. (...) We can assume that the arrival of Sabato De Sarno dovetails with Kering’s strategy for Gucci to elevate the brand and shift to a more classic and formal silhouette.”

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