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De Tijd – There Are Barely Any Women at the Helm of Startups

The Belgian tech startup landscape is still predominantly controlled by men. In 86% of the capital rounds implemented this year, no women were on boards. Three quarters of board positions still go to men according to a global study by leadership consultancy Egon Zehnder.

Australian Financial Review – Boardroom Gender Equality Will Never Happen at This Rate

While some progress has been made, the vast majority of board positions still go to men. Gender equality on boards will never be achieved if the current appointment rates continue, a report by Egon Zehnder has found.

Financial Times – More women needed on boards, says UK’s biggest pension scheme

Egon Zehnder conducted a global study of board and senior executive roles at 1,610 public companies. It found that just over one in five board seats were occupied by women, but more than seven in 10 new positions were going to men.

Neue-Zürcher Zeitung – Female Managers Rarely Make It to the Top in Switzerland

The proportion of women at the top of Swiss companies is well below the required levels. According to Egon Zehnder’s 2018 Global Board Diversity Tracker, which studied gender representation in 44 countries across 1,610 companies (37 of them in Switzerland), 22.3% of board members in Switzerland are female. Only 2.7% of Swiss CEOs are women, compared to 4.2% in Western Europe and 3.7% globally.

Quartz – Company boards need at least three women before they truly begin to change

While progress is being made, especially at the board level, Egon Zehnder’s 2018 Global Board Diversity Tracker points out that companies need to go beyond the token appointment of one or two women to their boards before any positive impact is felt.

Financial Times – Doubts raised over whether gender parity in companies will ever be reached

In new research, Egon Zehnder examined board and senior executive roles at 1,610 public companies worth €7 billion or more in 44 countries. The findings indicate that just over 1/5 of board seats were held by women, a 2% increase over 2016, but more than seven in every 10 new appointments were still going to men.

Bloomberg – Women Get Board Seats Mostly When It's Required by Law

A new study by Egon Zehnder reports, among countries that average three or more women on large company boards, all but one operate under government-mandated quota systems. This begs the question, should the diversity advocates that have been trying for two decades to sell the corporate world on gender balance in the boardroom be lobbying lawmakers instead?

Talouselämä – The end result of gender equality research: At current pace, equality will never happen - "If the pace is so slow, something is wrong"

An international study of management teams from the leadership consultancy Egon Zehnder paints an unhappy picture of equality progress. Although the proportion of women in corporate leadership has increased over time, the pace is so slow that equality will never be achieved at this rate. In their 2018 Global Board Diversity Tracker, Egon Zehnder examined the composition of management teams of 1,610 publicly listed companies in 44 countries.

CNN Money Switzerland – Is Drive For More Women At The Top In Danger Of Grinding To A Halt?

Gender equality in the boardroom won’t happen if the pace of change continues to slow down. Egon Zehnder’s Simon Stebler, based in Zurich, explains why recent improvements are being threatened as new figures show just 2.7% of CEOs at large firms in Switzerland are women.

NACD — Egon Zehnder's Lisa Blais Recognized as One of Most Influential Governance Professionals of 2018

Egon Zehnder's Lisa Blais Recognized as One of Most Influential Governance Professionals of 2018

People Management Magazine - HR Leaders Have to Take Charge of Their Development

Strong HR leadership has, by many measures, never been more important to business development. And yet, there aren’t enough candidates ready to lead. Gizem Weggemans, head of HR practice, and Karim Jalbout, head of technology, spoke with People Management on how the profession can bridge the gap.

Fortune — How Companies like Intuit, TD Securities, and Egon Zehnder Are Striving For Gender Equality

Egon Zehnder chairwoman Jill Ader discusses gender equality in her panel session at Fortune's Most Powerful Women Summit

MarketCurrents — Selling the Family Business: Letting Go While Preserving a Legacy

Families that control an enterprise over multiple generations have a lot more to consider than the average business owner. Egon Zehnder's Jennifer Pendergast shares how families should approach selling their business.

Directors & Boards — Is Your Board Tech-Ready?

Few boards have enough tech savvy in the boardroom and even fewer have tech committees. Egon Zehnder's Lindsay Trout shares what boards need to do to be tech-ready in today's world.

Manager Magazin – Less Isolated

In an exclusive interview, chair-elect Jill Ader talks about the new challenges that CEOs are facing today.

Security Roundtable — Making Boardroom Changes Today to Ensure a Cyber-Secure Tomorrow

Cyber risk experts Kal Bittianda, Selena Loh LaCroix, and William Houston explain why changes to improve security are necessary at the board level.

Harvard Business Review — The Key to Career Growth: Surround Yourself with People Who Will Push You

We typically spend at least two decades in our formal education, carefully choose our places of employment and invest significant time and effort in training. But we overlook one very key piece of the learning puzzle: surrounding ourselves with people who will push us to succeed in unexpected ways.

Forbes — CMO Next 2018: 50 Marketing Chiefs Who Are Redefining The Role And Shaping The Future

The CMO role is one of the most dynamic, challenging, exhilarating, complex, nuanced and powerful in the C-suite. Leader of Egon Zehnder's CMO Practice Kristi Maynor shares what will be necessary for future marketing leaders to continue to innovate.

Security Roundtable — Millennials: An Urban Legend In Cybersecurity

It’s tempting to over-generalize when it comes to Millennials, especially with cybersecurity concerns. But Egon Zehnder's Global Head of Cybersecurity says these Millennials, or "Digital Natives" have a different perspective on things like SSNs posted online because they’re already out there.

Harvard Business Review — From Curious to Competent

For 30 years, Egon Zehnder has been in the business of assessing leaders along two broad dimensions: potential and competence. One key conclusion? You can’t have either without curiosity. Although we have found that high potentials also need insight, engagement, and determination, curiosity—defined as a penchant for seeking new experiences, knowledge, and feedback and an openness to change—is perhaps most important.

Directors & Boards – Attracting the Right CEO

Lisa Blais, Egon Zehnder's co-leader of the US Board Practice, discusses how boards can attract the top C-suite talent.

The Hindu – Making 'Lateral Entry' Work

Most CEOs are grappling with one particular challenge, irrespective of industry or geography: getting the right leadership talent. Governments face this challenge too. The Indian government has responded to this challenge by taking the initiative to invite executives from beyond the ranks of the civil service to apply for certain Joint Secretary posts.

Middle Market Growth – Succession Planning: The Thorny Conversation No GP Wants to Have

As the first generation of middle-market private equity leaders nears retirement, many firms are struggling with how to move forward with succession planning, even when faced with increasing pressure from their limited partners.

HR Dive – Study: Interpersonal Tasks Challenge CEOs More than Business Tasks

According to an Egon Zehnder survey of 402 CEOs from 11 countries, 68% of company chiefs said that they weren't fully prepared for their role as CEO. As new CEOs adjust to their roles, HR leaders can educate them on the value of human capital management (HCM) and how strategies for hiring, training and development, compensation and other HR functions line up with organizational goals.

‘Agefi – How to Prepare to Be a CEO Today

According to Egon Zehnder’s Jean-Pierre Pedrazzini, most CEOs operate at just 50-75% of their potential, and before being able to transform their company, CEOs first need to transform themselves. In an interview with ‘Agefi’s Elsa Floret, Pedrazzini discussed the results of Egon Zehnder’s global CEO survey, how the role of an executive is changing and how to measure the potential of a future CEO.

Economic Times – 57% of Indian CEOs Find the Job More Challenging Than Anticipated: Survey

According to Vivek Khemka, who co-leads Egon Zehnder’s CEO Practice in India, chief executives are, in general, quite confident in their skills and their abilities, but at the same time also admit that certain parts of the role have proven more challenging and isolating than anticipated.

Chicago Tribune – More Women Are Landing Board Seats, But the Pace of Change is Slow

The Chicago Tribune reported that among Illinois’ 25 most valuable companies, women have claimed 44% of new directorships since the start of last year — a sign that progress is accelerating

The Post and Courier – Women Make Up Just 11.5% of the Highest-Paid Jobs in Corporate America

This year, just 5% of CEOs in the S&P 1500 index are women, compared with 4% in 2015 and 2014. A new study released by the Pew Research Center found that of the four highest paid executives beneath the CEO at each company, just 11.5% were held by women.

The Telegraph – Two Thirds of Newly Appointed CEOs Don't Feel Fully Prepared

A global survey of newly-appointed CEOs by Egon Zehnder reveals the role is more difficult and demanding than many respondents – approximately two-thirds – feel prepared for.

ABA Journal — The rules on being general counsel in the Cyber Century

In what we are calling the Cyber Century, the first signs of danger appear on a screen; a hack, a viral video, a tweet. Any of these can be the opening shot of a bruising battle that can quickly escalate to a crisis.

CNN Money Switzerland — Why Millennials Don’t Want to Become CEOs

Many millennials no longer aspire to be millionaire CEOs. Speaking with Martina Fuchs for CNN Money Switzerland, Clemens Hoegl, Partner at Egon Zehnder Switzerland, discusses findings from the firm’s recent survey of more than 400 global CEOs, The CEO: A Personal Reflection.

ZDF Morgen-Magazin – Inspiring Algorithms: Artificial Intelligence and Its Role in Recruiting

What will be the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in recruiting, asks a special report by the German public broadcaster ZDF?

Financier Worldwide Magazine – Fiduciary to Visionary: The Evolving Role of the PE-backed CFO

Today, many private equity firms looking to grow their portfolios are running into new pressures in the form of expansion and investor demands.

McDonald’s 2018 Global People Supplier Award

In 2015 McDonald’s Corporation began an exciting journey to transform their business. The goal was clear – to become a Better McDonald’s through its Velocity Growth Plan designed to “Retain, Regain and Convert” customers by “Making Feel Good Moments Easy for Everyone”.

Finanz und Wirtschaft – What Are the Biggest Challenges Facing CEOs on the Job?

What are the biggest challenges facing CEOs on the job and how do Swiss executives differ from their global counterparts, asks Finanz und Wissenschaft? Citing a recent study by Egon Zehnder on the challenges facing CEOs, only 28% of internally recruited managers and 32% of external candidates feel fully prepared when they take on the top job.

Moneycab – Personal Change: The Key to Transforming Your Company

Personal development and managing teams are identified by CEOs as the most challenging aspects of their job. Citing a recent CEO survey by Egon Zehnder, Moneycab and Organisator report that CEOs are very conscious of the need to change and evolve personally to keep up with business developments.

The American Lawyer — The Careerist: Asian-American Women are Filling the GC Suite

Female lawyers of Asian descent are climbing the ranks as general counsel and heading the legal departments of Fortune 500 companies at an unprecedented rate.

Security Roundtable — It’s Time for CISOs to Become True C-Suite Business Leaders

Many CISOs now find that their jobs exist at the intersection of risk mitigation and business innovation, requiring them to manage their own information-security organizations as well as their relationships with CEOs, boards, and the rest of the C-suite.

Fortune - These Women Could Be the Tech Industry's Next Great CEOs - or Not

To explore the “golden age” of the female COO, Fortune recently talked to 19 female current or former COOs and management experts, including Martha Josephson, the founder and leader of the global Digital segment of Egon Zehnder’s Technology and Communications Practice.

Het Financieele Dagblad – Wanted: A Mixed Board of Supervisory Directors

In 2017, Het Financieele Dagblad selected sixteen young supervisors for a study on what drives them, what they expect from their organizations, and in what ways they differ from their more experienced colleagues.

Security Roundtable – With IoT, Security Must Be Built in From the Beginning

Despite growing security concerns about IoT and IIoT, many businesses still overlook key factors, as well as offer products and services that lack essential protections.

Het Financieele Dagblad – That's How You Become a Non-Executive Director

Do you have what it takes to become a supervisory board director?

NACD – Today’s Board Member: Activist, Strategist, Counselor

More than ever, organization leaders need committed counselors—individuals who will push them to greater heights and encourage them to pursue transformation.

Handelszeitung – Pharma: Making Diversity Part of the Business Model

“Gender diversity works when it is part of a business model,” notes Egon Zehnder’s Simone Stebler in Swiss daily Handelszeitung.

Hürriyet – Turkey's Women Leaders In the Wings

Turkey is still trailing behind Europe and the USA when it comes to women leaders, reports the Turkish daily Hürriyet.

CNNMoney Switzerland – Persistence is Key to Success in Gender Diversity Initiatives

Simone Stebler, an Egon Zehnder consultant and one of the leading experts on diversity and inclusion in Switzerland, sat down with CNNMoney Switzerland to discuss her ideas about how women can break the glass ceiling.

Security Roundtable – Risk Management: Who’s Responsible? Who’s Accountable?

With the rise of the Internet of Things, how can businesses ensure they have the protections they need to minimize risk and remain compliant with regulations?

Manager Magazin – Potential Is What Counts

In an interview with Manager Magazin, Michael Ensser, Managing Partner for Germany, talks about what companies should look for in candidates in the era of digitalization.

The Economic Times – Today is the Age of the Humble, Vulnerable CEO

Leaders had an information arbitrage earlier, but now information is readily available to everybody and that is reducing the power centres, Rajeev Vasudeva, global chief executive at executive search and leadership firm Egon Zehnder, tells Saumya Bhattacharya.

Livemint – Most Family Businesses Could Improve Upon Succession Planning

“Good governance is key to long-term success, especially in family-owned business, where stakeholder relationships are often complex,” says Sonny Iqbal, co-leader of Egon Zehnder’s Global Family Business Advisory.

CIO - 7 Reasons CIOs Quit (Or Lose Their Jobs)

On average, CIOs leave companies every four years, often spurred by broad changes in corporate strategy or role. CIOs also exit because they can’t shake free the budget they require or they find their strategy de-emphasized.

Forbes India – In the Old Days You Could Buy Talent with Money

Egon Zehnder Chairman Damien O’Brien spoke to Forbes India’s Manu Balachandran about the evolution of company boards and identifying new leaders.

The Hindu Business Line – What Does It Take for Family Businesses to Last Generations?

Did you know that the majority (80 percent) of corporations around the world are family-owned? Yet only three percent continue operating beyond the fourth generation.

Fortune – How to Keep Search Firms from Poaching Your Best Talent

With the job market heating up and the unemployment rate at a new low, there are millions of jobs waiting for the right people to fill them. This is great news for employees, but how can management retain top talent and keep high performers from jumping ship?

Fortune – How to Profit from the Ultra-Tight Job Market Right Now

In our continually disrupted business environment, what an employee will be doing in their next job often has little to do with to anything they’ve done before. When it comes to today’s employees, “past performance is not the best indicator of future success,” says Rajeev Vasudeva, CEO of Egon Zehnder.

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