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“Good ideas can come from anywhere” – Jill Ader interviewed by Switzerland’s CNNMoney

Jill Ader, Chairwoman of Egon Zehnder, shared her insights on top management trends with CNNMoney Switzerland. “We need really curious leaders”, states Ader, “because then you don’t make assumptions, you don’t take diversity views for granted.”

Maeil Business Newspaper – [Cover Story] "Women, Actively Ask the Company for What You Want."

Global executive consulting firm Egon Zender is holding Leaders & Daughters events to discuss the lack of women in leadership positions. The event series, which began in 2015 (Korea 2017), is a place where leaders (parents) and daughters come together, as their name suggests.

Curiosity and Humility – Jill Ader interviewed by Switzerland’s Handelszeitung

What’s changing at the top level of corporate management? Jill Ader, Chairwoman of Egon Zehnder, provides insights in an interview with Swiss newspaper Handelszeitung. “When it comes to leadership, there is an incredible amount of change going on,” says Ader and points to the integrated leadership advisory service offered by Egon Zehnder. “

Fortune – Social Purpose Is Imperative for Competitive Hiring Today, Executives Say

Corporate leaders say that to fare well and draw top workers in today’s competitive, Millennial-skewed labor market, there’s a new business imperative: social purpose.

Bloomberg – Educating Leaders on Diversity Is First Step: Equality Summit

As India competes with global financial capitals such as Hong Kong for foreign investment, business and talent, it can no longer afford to ignore the case for diversity.

Bloomberg - Chief Executives Are Leaving at a Record Rate

Egon Zehnder's CEO, Edilson Camara, spoke to Bloomberg Markets: Asia on the challenges causing so many CEOs to leave their posts.

The CEO Magazine – Everything a New CEO Needs to Know

Is a new CEO equipped for their uniquely broad and demanding role? A 2018 report by Egon Zehnder suggests many are not. Four hundred and two CEOs from 11 countries were surveyed – and 273 of them admitted that, in hindsight, they weren’t fully prepared. Together, they are running companies with a total of US$2.6 trillion in sales.

ICT Journal – Chief Digital Officer, a Role That Varies Dramatically

The Chief Digital Officer has grown tremendously since it was introduced to drive digital transformation. But what does the role actually entail?

The Philadelphia Inquirer – Philly-based Diversified Search Increases Revenues by the Millions, and Plans to Keep Expanding

As the country’s unemployment rate approaches record lows at about 3.8% and Americans place an ever greater value on their job security, corporations are finding it more challenging to fill their executive vacancies with a qualified, diverse set of individuals willing to switch jobs. And yet the difficulties associated with matching competent candidates with high-level corporate positions are a chronic test spanning decades.

Süddeutsche Zeitung – A Gentle Revolution: An Interview with Jill Ader

Jill Ader is the first woman at the helm of Egon Zehnder. For her to reach that position, it meant breaking a long-established in-house rule.

SiliconANGLE – As CDO Role Matures, Automation Plays Key Role in the Learning Process

The responsibilities of a Chief Data Officer are fast evolving as vast quantities of data become available, but significant leaps forward are still required in order for digital leaders to truly optimize the full potential of their data capabilities.

ICTjournal - The Chief Digital Officer Role is More Complicated than Expected

Egon Zehnder's recent study finds that the role of the Chief Digital Officer is different from initial expectations.

CNNMoney Switzerland - Be nice to the Chief Digital Officer: they could be your next CEO

The Chief Digital Officer (CDO) is a much-misunderstood role. Egon Zehnder’s Christian Wohlgensinger, who manages Technology Practice in Switzerland, provided more clarity about CDOs’ work during an interview with CNN Money.

Financial Times – Why a Leader’s Past Record is No Guide To Future Success

Economist, politician and corporate lawyer Christine Lagarde’s extensive resume indicates a fitting suit in the role of running the European Central Bank— regardless of critics who note her lack of experience in academic training and monetary policy.

BILANZ – Simone Stebler Calls for Greater Gender Equality in Swiss Companies

Female managers rarely reach top management in Switzerland but the young generation is determined to change that. – New Survey of First Generation of CDOs Show They Have Aspirations for the Corner Office

Egon Zehnder’s new survey of Chief Digital Officers paints an ambitious future for the first generation of emerging creative leaders. The study taps into the mindset of 107 digital executives in global industries, providing key insights into the roles they aspire to take on. Most notably, the role of CEO.

Becker’s Hospital Review – CDOs Spend More Time Evangelizing Than Digitizing, Study Shows

Though the focal point of responsibility of current Chief Digital Officers resides in driving digital monetization, many admit they spend equally as much time strategizing digital solutions rather than implementing them.

People Management - The HR Guide to Being Business Savvy

It’s never been more important for HR to demonstrate commercial awareness. But what does that mean in reality, and how does the profession overcome its traditional disconnect from business metrics?

The Times – Today’s New Chief Executives Can Set an Example for Us All

Many people think that the structure and ownership of a business affects the pressures their leaders face. It is certainly true that the need for a publicly listed company to be accountable to its shareholders and customers means that short-term difficulties can quickly derail a chief executive’s carefully planned long-term strategy.

Financial Times - Egon Zehnder's Jill Ader: Challenging Partnership Traditions

In an exclusive interview with the Financial Times, Egon Zehnder Chairwoman Jill Ader discusses Egon Zehnder's commitment to diversity, the changing state of leadership, and being the first woman Chair of any executive search firm.

TechRepublic – Top Challenges for CDOs

Providing measurable and attainable business objectives, balancing tactical and strategic initiatives and experimenting with progressive digital technology are key tips to emerging as a successful Chief Digital Officer.

Fast Company – We Need More Humble Leaders. Here's How to Get Them.

Humble individuals often do not see themselves as great leaders that can lead to misconceptions about their abilities and cause them to slip by unnoticed. In reality, this is not an issue of capability, but one of identity, which is something that leaders can develop.

Wharton Business Radio — Human Resource Secrets

Benito Cachinero shares how leaders successfully run their large companies, from day-to-day responsibilities to developing an overarching human capital strategy.

Handelsblatt - The Chief Huntress

For the first time ever, there’s a woman at the helm of Egon Zehnder. Ader, who hails from the UK, is out to reform the firm.

Bloomberg – Need Female Board Members? Chile's Government Has a List for You

Some corporate executives made such a fuss about not being able to find enough women to diversify their boardrooms that the Chilean government came up with a list of 136 candidates to help them out.

CBC News – How Canada Stacks Up on Women's Representation on Corporate Boards

Having formal board evaluations, setting term and age limits, and implementing a gender diversity policy are some ways corporations can make progress in diversifying corporate boards.

Bloomberg – Want to Empower Female Executives? Pay Up

In 1989, feminist Arlie Russell Hochschild argued that working women go home to work a “second shift,” performing the majority of the labor involved in caring for their homes and children. That’s not the only extra shift working women are doing.

World IP Review – Women in the Boardroom: Diversity Matters

The principle is simple—diversity matters to business. But despite the focus on gender diversity and inclusion, efforts promoting them have had limited success, and diversity improvements remain incremental.

Economic Times India – Main challenge is retaining high-potential women at work

Women and men define great leadership similarly, but there are distinct differences across generations, according to a recent survey by Egon Zehnder.

Handelszeitung - More and More Diversity Projects

Simone Stebler discusses diversity, HR-Tech and why bosses need to be more approachable.

Atlanta Business Chronicle – Atlanta Forms Advisory Board on Technology Issues

The Atlanta Chief Information Officer Advisory Board will work with the City of Atlanta Information Management team to look for ways to improve the city's digital connections.

The Wall Street Journal – MGM Bets on Departing Volvo Digital Chief to Boost Non-Casino Business

Atif Rafiq, chief digital officer at Volvo, plans to join MGM Resorts International as president of commercial and growth, helping guide the casino and hotel company’s expansion of digital services and technology modernization.

Chief Executive – How To Build And Maintain Trust In The Age Of Volatility

How leaders need to model behaviors to build and maintain trust within organizations.

Yahoo! Finance — A New Generation of Women Transforms Leadership

On Yahoo! Finance, Cynthia Soledad discusses Egon Zehnder’s Leaders & Daughters series and what future generations look for in a leader.

The Better Question – How Can More Women Become Architects of the Digital World?

Despite digital as a concept being gender-agnostic, the workforce that sits behind the design and execution, and implementation, has a bias toward men.

The Economic Times – Corporate India Tweaks Variables for Solving Gender Diversity Equation

India Inc is working hard to improve the gender diversity equation, especially at the top deck.

CNN Money Switzerland – "Courageous Voices Are Needed" to Close the Gender Gap

Simone Stebler says the situation may change with millennials.

Harvard Business Review – Women of Color Get Less Support at Work. Here’s How Managers Can Change That.

Few executives have all the competencies desired for leadership roles, so it is important to widen the candidate pool by recruiting based on potential as well as past experience and qualifications.

Business Insider Prime – Vanguard Hires Brent Beardsley as Chief Strategy Officer

The role of chief strategy officer is increasingly important for large asset managers, Egon Zehnder's Arnaud Tesson told Business Insider.

Forbes – Why Diverse Boards Matter

Having a diverse board is more just than a matter of optics.

Harvard Business Review – You’ve Committed to Increasing Gender Diversity on Your Board. Here’s How to Make it Happen.

Boards can’t just add one woman and expect real change in the way they operate. You need at least three female directors, a critical mass that Egon Zehnder calls the “magic number” in its 2018 Global Board Diversity Tracker. With at least two female colleagues, women are more likely to speak up and be heard.

Forbes – 4 Rules For Accepting A Stretch Assignment

Egon Zehnder’s survey of 823 international executives found that 71% of senior leaders said stretch assignments had the biggest impact on unleashing their potential.

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