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Life Sciences Survey 2010

Managerial Competencies in the Generics Sector

  • February 2010

The generics industry has entered a phase of radical transformation. Rapid globalization, continuing consolidation, and increasing business complexity have turned formerly regional players into global operations. Rapid R&D, an agile supply chain, and a purely entrepreneurial culture are no longer the only attributes generics companies need in order to succeed. Today these companies find themselves under pressure to develop or acquire the competencies required by new business models and operating realities.

To find out how they see this challenge and how they are meeting it we interviewed 35 executives at 26 companies, including 10 of the largest, as well as mid-size regional and local companies. Our sample was drawn from 11 countries distributed across Asia, Eastern Europe, Western Europe and North America. This wide geographical distribution enabled us not only to develop an international view but also to distinguish the perspectives of headquarters and local subsidiaries.

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