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Despite digital as a concept being gender-agnostic, the workforce that sits behind the design and execution, and implementation, has a bias toward men. It’s up to leaders and boards to be the architects of a new paradigm. In this episode of Ernst & Young’s The Better Question podcast, host Juliette Foster is joined by Egon Zehnder partner Sven Petersen, along with Sharon Sutherland, EY Global Center for Board Matters Leader and Sara Conejo Cervantes, a young leader advocating for gender equality in AI.

“My view is that no boardroom needs AI to understand if they’re diverse or not. But AI has a role to play creating awareness. That is mainly achieved through data. I think we're still a way off to fully embrace that and I think the technology still needs to infiltrate the board,” says Petersen.

The three guests go on to discuss how technology can be put to positive use in advancing gender equality from the workforce right up to the boardroom, as well as what senior executives and board directors should be asking to deliver the pipeline of female leaders that organizations and their boards need to deliver sustainable growth.



Listen to the Podcast: How Can More Women Become Architects of the Digital World? Hosted by Juliette Foster. 08, March 2019.

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