Egon Zehnder
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Climbing the corporate ladder can be a challenge for women, but there are ways businesses can make it easier for them to meet their leadership goals.

Female leaders from  Intuit, TD Securities, and Egon Zehnder shared their strategies for reaching gender equality at Fortune's Most Powerful Women Summit in Montreal on November 5-6th. Egon Zehnder chairwoman Jill Ader discussed how women can make change for themselves in her panel session:

“There are some things which women just have to get out there and be much more forthright about what they want. If we aren’t willing to put ourselves forward, it’s really difficult to change the direction that we’re going.”

Jill Ader, Chairwoman, Egon Zehnder

Read the full article: How Companies like Intuit, TD Securities, and Egon Zehnder Are Striving For Gender Equality, Fortune. 08 Nov 2018.

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