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In an era of growing customer focus and fast change, HR leaders are increasingly being asked to drive transformation, reports the Harvard Business Manager. But according to a recent study conducted by the German Association of HR Managers (BPM), Boston Consulting Group, Quadriga University of Applied Sciences, Berlin and Egon Zehnder, less than a tenth of the 1,360 HR leaders surveyed believe they currently have high enough levels of core competences to drive change. Commenting on the study, Egon Zehnder’s Jörg Ritter notes: “Many HR managers are worried about what’s heading their way, but they fully intend to rise to the new challenges.” For Ritter, the key question is: how can HR leaders reposition themselves? In the “Rethinking HR” survey he aims to provide some of the answers.

Full Story: Helene Endres and Christina Kestel: Rethinking HR (HR neu denken, Harvard Business Manager, July 2017 – in German only). Paid download at

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