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Feeding it Forward

Future Foodtech 2022

Technology and Talent in the Spotlight

At Future Foodtech 2022 in San Francisco, sponsored by Egon Zehnder, leaders convened from across the food and agricultural value chain to discuss the opportunities and challenges they see in their rapidly expanding industry.

Many of those leaders took time to sit down with us and share where they see the industry is headed, as well as their thoughts on talent in the space. Alejandro Folmer, Jason Hecker, and Logan McDougal were able to meet with a number of distinguished guests, including:

  • Chuck Templeton, S2G Ventures, Managing Director
  • Karuna Rawal, Nature’s Fynd, Chief Marketing Officer
  • Tom Adams, Pairwise, Co-Founder and CEO
  • Ian Pinner, ADM, Senior Vice President, Strategy and Innovation
Logan McDougal (Consultant, Egon Zehnder) in conversation with Chuck Templeton (Managing Director, S2G Ventures)

“All of the sort of capabilities that have been built in either pharma or Facebook or Google, machine learning or computational capabilities, a lot of that's now coming into food.”

Egon Zehnder Consultant Jason Hecker spoke recently with Karuna Rawal, Chief Marketing Officer of Nature’s Fynd, about the role of talent in the food industry and the exciting experience of driving progress in food and technology.

“What we're seeing in food, in the last five years is probably more change than we've seen in the last 25. It's moving at a very fast pace and consumers are actually driving a lot of that change”

Egon Zehnder Consultant Logan McDougall sat down with Pairwise Co-founder and CEO Tom Adams at Future Foodtech 2022 in San Francisco. Tom shared his views on the evolving role of technology in Agrifoods, the role his company’s mission plays in talent retention, and an exciting look at what Pairwise hopes to innovate in the grocery aisle.

“The mission is the heart of what's attracting people. And then the culture that the company has is really important once you've attracted them. So it's one thing to talk about a mission and another to actually live a mission and to do things that also make it fun.”

Egon Zehnder Consultant Alejandro Folmer sat down with ADM Senior Vice President of Strategy and Innovation Ian Pinner at Future Foodtech 2022 in San Francisco. As an investor in agrofoods start-up, Ian discussed the exponential growth in agrifoods investment that has occurred in recent years and what ADM looks for when identifying talent.

“From what I observe, the board's critical, and getting the right board, the right governance, the right guidance. But I think that's also an evolution, depending on where you are in your growth cycle, from the startup's perspective.”

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