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Egon Zehnder’s International Executive Panel – What Makes You Thrive?

  • March 2016

Egon Zehnder’s International Executive Panel – What Makes You Thrive?

There is a growing consensus that aligning personal goals with a career path boosts the performance of senior leaders and their retention. But how can companies tap that potential? Egon Zehnder’s recent study: Leadership Identity – What Makes You Thrive provides insights into helping top leaders derive deeper satisfaction from their work, reports HREOnline. The survey of over 1,200 leaders worldwide reveals that 72 percent of senior executives would welcome more support to: “pinpoint and pursue [their] personal motivations and goals.” The study also indicates that many leaders feel a disconnect between their job and their essential identity and priorities, and look to move on as a result. “Too often, professional development is a monologue given by the organization to the executive. It needs to evolve to a true dialogue,” says Egon Zehnder consultant Andrew Roscoe. “But that isn’t only the responsibility of the organization. Executives need to take ownership of their growth trajectory and be active partners in that dialogue,” he explains.

Full story: Mark McGraw: How Do You Help Executives Thrive? in HREOnline (16 March 2016).

For further media coverage of the study, check out:

Julia Löhr: Today’s Managers are Looking for Meaningful Challenges in FAZ (14 March 2016, p.25).

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Scott A. Scanlon: Motivating Leaders: Why Unlocking Their Potential Is Critical on (30 March, 2016).

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