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“Good ideas can come from anywhere” – Jill Ader interviewed by Switzerland’s CNNMoney

  • November 2019

Jill Ader, Chairwoman of Egon Zehnder, shared her insights on top management trends with CNNMoney Switzerland. “We need really curious leaders”, states Ader, “because then you don’t make assumptions, you don’t take diversity views for granted.” Confronted with the fact that Egon Zehnder is active not only in Search, but broader Leadership Services, Ader added: “Once you get a big role, that's the starting line, not the finishing line. So it's really, how do you understand what the need is from your organization and in society? If you don't know as a leader what your license to operate is from society, then you've got tunnel vision. So it's understanding the context, what society expects, what the organization needs, and having to adapt yourself and evolve.” Asked about the way forward, Ader said: “You have to be vulnerable. You have to recognize you don't know the answers. Good ideas can come from anywhere. So that's really transform self to transform organization in the context of what's going on in society.” Ader further reflected on global leadership trends during the 25-minute interview which can be watched on the American news channel website.

“The world needs great leaders”, Urs Gredig interviewing Jill Ader, Chairwomen of Egon Zehnder for CNN Money Switzerland, 20 November 2019.

Watch the full interview here

Jill Adler: “The World Needs More Great Leadership”.

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