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The Key Hire and the Fallacy of the Lone Genius Founder

In the world of venture capital, the myth of the lone genius startup founder is often perpetuated, but the reality is that successful founders understand the importance of surrounding themselves with talented individuals who complement their skills. Recent data from Egon Zehnder reveals that great founders consistently make a crucial key hire before going public, demonstrating their humility and openness to bridging gaps in their own competencies and leading through different stages of growth.

To Unlock AI Success, Invest in Culture

Artificial intelligence is often considered a technological challenge by companies. However, the real challenge lies in how humans view and adopt it. In other words, it’s a matter of organizational culture.

‘Why Should My Company Seek an AI Leader?’

Odds are that your competitors are pondering the same question. We ask you instead, why not?

CIO Becomes a ‘Yes and’ Role

Discover how companies are layering IT, digital, and data responsibilities onto the traditional CIO role, resulting in titles like CDIOs and CDTOs.

CISO to Board Member: Enhancing your readiness to serve

Drawing from our experience working with boards and cybersecurity executives over the years, this checklist offers practical insights to enhance your readiness to land your first corporate seat.

Does Your Organization Need a CISO or an External Advisor?

The question on every leader’s mind now is, what is the best way to prepare? Should businesses hire a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), or incorporate an advisor to the organization's board? We provide recommendations to navigate the best option for your organization.

What Makes a Good CISO?

Armoring your systems against a potential attack, or at least ensuring they can recover from one, starts with having the right CISO in place, which has a ripple effect on the C-suite, workforce, and the board.

AI Won’t Replace Human Distinctiveness

The fear of AI making us obsolete has become increasingly popularized, but is it really necessary? But the truth is, AI is here to enable efficiencies and aid us, not replace us.

CEO Succession in Future Mobility and DeepTech: The Candidate You Want Is Not the One You Need

DeepTech companies don't need to hit a wall in their CEO succession process. Here's what they should avoid and what to consider in a successful search.

Recruiters On Why The CIO Title Is Going Away

Forbes has reviewed hundreds of nominations for this year’s CIO Next list, which highlights outstanding technology leaders. To get the thinking behind these titles, Forbes spoke with Karena Man, North American Tech Officers Co-Leader, Egon Zehnder.

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