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Talouselämä – The end result of gender equality research: At current pace, equality will never happen - "If the pace is so slow, something is wrong"

  • December 2018

An international study of management teams from the leadership consultancy Egon Zehnder paints an unhappy picture of equality progress. Although the proportion of women in corporate leadership has increased over time, the pace is so slow that equality will never be achieved at this rate. In their 2018 Global Board Diversity Tracker, Egon Zehnder examined the composition of management teams of 1,610 publicly listed companies in 44 countries. 

The proportion of women on the boards of these companies is just over one fifth. "We need diversity, but it is not happening fast enough. At this rate, equal representation will never be reached unless women leaders are significantly more engaged,” said Egon Zehnder Chairwoman Jill Ader.

Full Story: Tasa-arvotutkimuksen karu lopputulos: Nykyisellä tahdilla tasa-arvo ei toteudu ikinä – ”Jos vauhti on näin hidas, jotakin on pielessä” (Translated from Finnish). 11, December 2018. 

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